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[collagen peptides fish based]Original title: It is not only a transcript, and it is also a mobilization order (Herver Island◇–■, two sessions) Every year, the governments work report is the focus of China and the world★▼. Because government work reports are both ■•”transcript” and •▪=”mobilization order”□☆=. “Transcript” said that it is not difficult to understand□◇▼. This years government work report also gives many impressive numbers. For example, in the past five years, Chinas GDP has increased by 7.1%, and the growth rate of the world economy has more than 30%▲•; Chinas economic structure has also occurred…●◆, economic growth, consumption contribution rate increased to 58.8%▪▼•○, service industry More than half of the total number of Chinas R & D investment◆▷◇☆, the market is second, and the market main body increases by 70%; China has the worlds largest social security network, including social pensi●▪.

Original title■…◆◇: More than 100 big tigers, there are 3 people from the crime○◇: the Juanhai Solutions Legal Evening News · View News (Reporter Zhang Ying) On April 26, Jiangxi, the former deputy governor Li Liang was ◁△…”double open”. This person has been in charge of state-owned enterprises for many years▽☆▲…. In the previous year, the person has also collapsed in Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant “11 · 24” cooling tower construction platform to collapse the special major accident due to leadership●△, it was named by the State Council. According to the report, Li Lianghuang is suspected of accepting bribes, corruption, abuse of power, and misappropriation of public funds. The reporter noted that this person is 18th National Level of more than 100 provincial-level cadres, and the third tiger involved in morning public funds•△◆□. Even the Standing Committee of the Qinghai, the Standing Committee of the Qihai, the Secretary of Xining☆▪□…, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the vice chairman of the Tianjin Original CPPCC, also committed this sin and sentenced. Moun▽◁.

Original title□☆: Do not give the property market to stir-fry the space (Rui Finance) Recently, the Housing and Construction Department will jointly issue with the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Public Security◇◁, the Silver Bank of China, and ■◁★▼”on the development of some cities to carry out the violation of the violation of the violations and violations of the law and regulations☆○. Notice of Special Action○=■◇, ▼★=△”decided to carry out special actions for governance real estate markets in 30 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin▪▽◁, and Shenzhen▲•▪▽, as early as December 2018. In this regard, analysts believe that this action not only targets the heating of the real estate market in some areas and long-term disadvantages◆–●, but also “the house is used to live,○▼” is not used to speculate ▷…▪”this place does not change. Therefore▼•▽=, any fantasy China took the initiative to relax the property market regulation◁■▼, so that the idea that the speculation organically can take it is unwise=▲•☆. Seven Series Committee jointly governing the property mark☆▲•▽! proteins that are in high demand in the pharmaceutical industry marine collagen vs bovine collagen peptides Pectin manufacturer protein range solbar industries gelatin usp grade,