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Gelatin capsule.[bloom of gelatin]At the 13th National Peoples Congress◆◁◁, the news center was scheduled to hold a reporter meeting in the Multi-Film Merfunction of Meiya (Saturday) at 15:00 on March 10 (Saturday), and invited the Director of the State-owned Assets and Assets-▲, Peng Huang▽◆-□, deputy secretary general, and spokesperson. The relevant issues of enterprise reform and development have answered the question of Chinese and foreign reporters. The following is a text record: Zhejiang Satellite TV reporter: We note that there is a media report that this years state-owned enterprise reform is a key task to strengthen the management of market value. Please ask the main contents of Xiao Xiao, the main contents of the market value include what…◁? How to guide state companies to do this work★■-■? In addition◁■, many provinces and cities have said that they should accelerate the promotion of state-owned enterprises, improve state-owned asset securitization rates△◁. For example, Zhejiang is vigorously implemented “Phoenix Action Plan”-★•●. How do you see Xiao Director•△? Thank you…■▷▽. Xiao Yaqin.

China News Agency●■, Beijing, May 27th▷●◁▲, Soundtrack: Why is the Communist Party of China to do this◁▪●? Author Guo Jinchao Guo Chao Kai “The Family Work Caution, Learning for Personnel” The word “family style■◁…” has been used, and the high concern of public opinion is triggered▽◇○◁. In recent years, the ••”point name” has been “named” in the problem of the whole year, and the party members who have been punished by the depression are not a few. Why is the Communist Party of China that dont have a good family? ▪□”The creation of domesticates is often important causes for leading cadres to serious violations of law.▼■-” Chi.

[Struggle 100-year road to the new journey · The party flag is highly fluttering in the grassroots section] “Every little life is a motivation and encouragement” – Remember Wuhan University Peoples Hospital East Hospital Obstetrics Party Branch Guangming Daily reporter Xia Jing Zhang Rui Guangming Daily Wang Xinyuan, “Now I look back at the end of the night, we have been much more comfortable.▪◆-▼” Wei Min, secretary of the East Hospital of Wuhan University Peoples Hospital, and Director Wei Min said□▲. After the emergence of new crown pneumonia, the East Hospital of Wuhan University Peoples Hospital became a neozopp pneumonia maternal stationary hospital. The obstetricant was divided into eight or nine wards▲-•, and the eight disease area was later transferred to critically ill patients. At the beginning of the party branch before the admission of the patient, Wei Min is a te•◁▼.

Original title: Zhang Na East 2018 four two sessions recommended to see-…◇○: green packaging, precision poverty poverty▲◆○◇, data sharing and sports copyright system cover news reporter How to reflect social relations and public opinion, better participation political bureau, rumors, is the chairman of Suning Holding Group Zhang is near the most important “homework•▲” in March every year. Since 2003☆▽□□, it is 15 years of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▪▽-○, and Zhang nearast is integrated into the concerns and recommendations of economic and social development in 70 proposals involving precise poverty alleviation, college student entrepreneurship▲=■, circulation modernization-=●. In 2018••▷☆, the two sessions of Zhang Ni East opened again. After the first time□▽▷, after the first time, after the representative of the 13th National Peoples Congress◆=, on March 3, he brought four suggestions to the two conferences. In the past 15 years, Zhang nearast 8 times focuses on rural and farmers, this year he built agai▼◆.