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[gelatin fish collagen peptide]Original title: Delay retirement new response! It is necessary to extend 60 years old, some employees can choose independently? How did the Minister of the Peoples Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Society say how to get a delay? How old is it to delay? Have you affected those people? On March 12th▪▷★△, at the Conference of the General Assembly of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Committee, Tang Tao, deputy director of the Ministry of Peoples Social Security…▲=, said in responding to the excuse, delayed retirement is a general trend. Yu Guangyao, member of the National Committee of China☆▷◇-, pointed out that according to the regulations•◁◇, the party and government organs, the peoples groups and institutions, the female professional and technical personnel with senior titles, can retire 60 years old. Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Humanity: It is necessary to extend 60 years of suggestion that some of the staff can self-choice “” Not only 60 years old, I am afraid it will be delayed in the long run. -△☆”Tang Tao said that whether it is from pension, .

Original title◇■: What is the situation fish collagen peptide for sale wild marine collagen peptides vs bovine pectin gummy candy! “If You Are the One” is selling★•, ▪■”Chinas blind date variety show extremely close to life”. ◇■●△”Large Life Service Program▪…▽” “Large Life Service Program” “If You Are the One” is considered in China. But recently, this domestic old variety is actually fired abroad. The British =▽”Daily Mail” written on March 5th, a blind date from China•□▲□, a variety show from China, because of its “joy and honesty,”, ” According to the report◁▼□, this file is a variety of competition characteristics in a group of single women and a single man who is characterized by a competition, and is won the favor of the audience of Western countries. In the version seen in the foreign audience, the guests participating in the blind date is also Mandarin▲▷-☆, but in the scree•○■.

Original title: The highest law agreed that Sichuan set up a Tianfu New District, the Trade Zone Court, two brands●□, a set of people, the Chengdu Business Daily, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Intermediate Peoples Court: The Supreme Peoples Court recently approved the establishment of the Sichuan Tianfu New District Chengdu Piece District The peoples court (hereinafter referred to as “Tianfu New District Court○☆”), Sichuan Free Trade Test Area Peoples Court (hereinafter referred to as “Sichuan Turn Trade District Court”), implement “two brands, a set of horses”□•, mainly jurisdiction Criminal, civil, administrative and other cases▷–●, as well as investment, trade▲…, financial and other civil business cases associated with direct management zone blocks in the trade zone. It is understood that the Tianfu New District Court will mainly govern a variety of cases of criminal-•◆, civil▽▷, administrative, implementation and other cases within the Chengdu area of ​​Chengdu◇-○▼, Sichuan Province; the jurisdiction of the Trade Zone Cou.Gelatin wholesale collagen private label,