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Contacts![Gelatin powder and leaf gelatin for Baking]Original title: [Hot] Beijing property market, a heavy punch: this type of listing is reduced by 90%, the price is 3% … Beijing commercial and restricted purchase first anniversary▪☆☆◇: ​​the transaction fell 90% price fell more than 30% of the above March Beijing Just When publishing a commercial office project regulating policy, the industry is expected•…▼☆: such a regulatory policy will bring a double-double fly that the business and residential market transaction and the transaction price. Nowadays, at the time of the past anniversary, Beijings commercial and residential market has more than 30% of the decline▼◁□◇, and the volume drop is more than 90%. Beijing Yizhuangs Lincoln Park was a very active real estate in Beijing commercial housing■☆★. This project is within close proximity of subway, mature, beautiful environment, is the most active commercial and residential project in Yizhuang region. However, under the regulation of 3.26 policies, the residential ro…▽=.

China News Agency, Macau, on May 27th, Macau Statistics, the data released on the 27th…★▲◆, in April, hotels and apartment guests have increased by 5•▼◆.5 times to 694,000 in April▲-○; those from mainland China recorded 7.6 times an increase. According to statistics, in April◇■, Macau has 119 hotels and apartments in Macau•☆•, an increase in 9, which can provide 10.5% to 37○◆,000 rooms. The average occupancy rate of rooms (excluding medical observation) has significantly rose 45●●▽•.9 percentage points to 58△….5% year-on-year, and the average rooms at the three-star hotels are 68.5%. In April☆□◇, there is still no purchase of Macau passengers, and there are travelers in the local participatio!

Xinhua News Agency Berlin May 27th (Reporter Zhu Yushang Yuhua) German market research institutions Jievai release monthly reported that the German consumer confidence in June is 7.0 points, rising from 1▲•○.6. The day of the report in May, the first negative 8•△.8 points of the previous negative 8○○=.8 points were adjusted from previous negative 8.8 points▪▼•…. The report shows that Chinas three indicators reflect the German consumer confidence●…=◁, the economic prospect indicators and income expectations have risen, of which the economic prospect indicator rises to the highest value over the past three years, but the purchase tendency indicator continuously rises for the first time after 3 months Reduce the ring. Jievai expert Rolf Bilcr said that with new crown vacci beef gelatin factory collagen skin whitening breakfast bar protein bar industry!

Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27th (Singpeng) Chuantai Industrial Cooperation Symposium held in Chengdu on the 27th. It is reported that this symposium is one of the series of activities of the “Taiwan Weichang△▷=★” event•●. In order to further deepen the economic and trade cooperation between Chuanyu Territory▪●, build the important contracting platform in the two places in Taiwan and the shift in Taiwan, and the important gathering place in mainland China, 24th to 28th▽•▲, Sichuan, Chongqing jointly organized “Taiwan Weixiang “Activities, invited Taiwan companies, Taiqing◁•, and Taiqing○◁■, Taiqing, and Taiqing represents more than 100 people. Divide the development opportunities in Sichuan and Chongqing●◁, and jointly prospecting the broad prospects of Sichuan Territory. As an important growth in mainland economy, double city economy in Cheng□▷● bovine hide collagen peptides!