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[gelatin gel empty capsules]Video screenshot [Camp changes have been reduced by 2.1 trillion yuan! The Minister of the Minister of Finance Xu Hongcai said on the 30th that as of the end of 2017, China Camp has been accumulated to achieve reduction of 2.1 trillion yuan, achieving the full coverage of VAT for goods and services, is the tax reduction scale implemented in China in recent years The biggest reform measures. In order to further improve the tax system, support manufacturing, small and micro enterprises, etc., continue to reduce the market subject, and the State Council has determined measures to deepen value-added tax reforms, decided to be implemented from May 1, 2018▷▽. (Wang Qingkai) # 国 is a forum # Editor: Zhang .

Original title: “Tiangong☆•” part of the technology or surpassing International Space Station Science Journal Harbin April 24th (Reporter Fu Yifei) China Manned Space Engineering General Designer Zhou Jianping said on the 24th that China Space Station ◆☆★◁”Tiangong” established in 2022 In terms of information▪△▼, energy, power technology●=, and operational costs☆-, it is expected to surpass international space stations…▽★. At the same time, Zhou Jianping said that in addition to scale□●, Tiangong, in addition to scale, in terms of functional○□●, application benefits, construction technology◆▽△•, material replenishment and other important indicators, it will be able to fully exceed the ◆▼▽▲”Peace●☆▼◁” space station, reach or close to the international space station level. In the third “China Space Day-◆●☆” at the same day…△, Zhou Jianping interprets the •▷△●”Tiangong”. He introduced that its basic configuration consists of 1 core compartment and 2 experimental cabins▷●□. Three cab•●•.

Original title: Shanghai Putuo a man killed his ex-wife and 4-year-old daughter before he committed suicide◆▽□▼. The picture from the network police report: At 11 oclock on May 19, 2018, the Putuo police received alarm▲▲…•, and there were two people in a cell room in Guangxin Road. After the police arrived, I found that Weng (female, 36) and his daughter (4 years old) have died-★. At 11:50 on the same day■△△, the Putuo police report again★★•-, and a man jumped from a high-rise from Shiquan Road. After forensic inspections○△◇, the deceased is Gu Ming (male, 39 years old, is ambient, in line with the high-end death characteristics●-, excluding him. After preliminary investigation, Gu Mou was killed after the familys conflict was murdered. Currently, the case is in further investigation. The incident community. Xinmin◁◁•.com Map on May 19th, Shanghai Putuo Distri. Guiyang May 27th (Shu Xingzhou Yanling) May 27th, Guizhou · Shanghe Organization National Data Cooperation Forum was held in Guiyang=◇▷, Guizhou and Shanghe Organization reached a consensus●=: will be in digital economy, artificial intelligence, wisdom Construction of pragmatic cooperation in terms of urban aspects. The Forum is discussed around the ▷-▽”digital empowering economic high quality development”▪○▷. Flagimir Norov, Secretary-General◁○▼•, said that the big data industry is current development trend□◆▽. In 2030, labor intelligence and big data can bring a huge new market, information technology■●◁, and digital economy▼▪=•, which can bring share a huge new market, information technology▷•△, and digital economy. Successful implementation of big data□▪, artificial intelligence related technologies will provide new development and economy for major developing countri. pepton 85 16 amino acids chicken gelatin powder Gelatin wholesale bovine hide collagen peptides vs hydrolyzed collagen the protein supplement industry,