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[the protein supplement industry takes a punch]Original title•=-▽: Employment, admissibility is difficult to vocational education “difference”? Recently, Beijing 29 high-vocational colleges released an independent enrollment plan, some schools added or revoked professional, and adjusted professional settings•◇-, making it closer to Beijing functional positioning and industrial upgrading requirements. At the same time, during the two sessions of the country, vocational education has once again become a hot discussion…★△. Under the market demand and policy bidirectional drive, whether vocational education ushered in spring? Can vocational education be a new option for students and parents? What is the new professional in the field school is concerned about this professional future job? What are the requirements for students ▽▷… On 11 March-●…, Beijings 2018 high-vocational self-enrollment consultation will be held at Beijing Industrial Vocational and Technical College, and 29 high-vocational colleges provide advic▽▪?

Original title☆▽★▷: Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary: Su Rong case is very much negative impact on Jiangxi=▷…, serious pollution political ecology March 29▪■▪▲, Jiangxi Provincial Committee Theoretical Learning Center held a collective study meeting, revisiting the general secretary of Xi Jinping attending the 12th National Peoples Congress Three conferences, Jiangxi delegation considered the important speech and the spirit of the important speech when I was inspected in Jiangxi•-=. I insisted on putting myself in, putting the responsibility in, putting the work in the work○●▷△, the general report of the Popular Secretary of the Popular Secretary◇△◇, the important requirements of Jiangxi work, combined The residual poison of Su Rong will find the gap and deficiencies in implementation-☆◁. How to discuss how to advance the General Secretary Xi Jinping in Jiangxi in the higher level, and the results of the province will reappear to achieve new steps. Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Liu Qi hosted and speaking◁▼◁☆. He emphasiz.

On September 11▲▪■▽, the Weibo released a description of air testing and governance work. On September 1st, the company completed the first rental housing in Nine City●=, the first rental housing□▷, and entered the air testing and governance process; currently working with 62 CMA certified air testing agencies in the country●★■, forming the maximum daily production capacity of air detection 1147 Single; the company has reached cooperation with Xiaomi brand, and will provide delivery to the selection of air purifiers▲◇●. Beginning on September 24, after the first rental housing▪▲, after the configuration is completed=★•, it must meet the air quality by the authority of the authority to test the qualified and vacant for 30 days…••▷. @ 自 如 Editor: Huo .

Original title: Beijing-foreign purchase of household accumulation funds do not have to prove the Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) to apply for the purchase of household funds in the province and city◆▼▲, and apply for the adoption by the adoption of the parents to enter the household, enter the cities in the city of China Wait, all will bid farewell to proof. A few days ago, Beijings third batch canceled 50 municipal sectors, and the issuance of the business units requested to start business involving enterprises and mass offices, the reporter learned that since 2016…◁, Beijing has canceled the enterprises set by the municipal sector Entrepreneurship certificate. The 26 grassroots proves that the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Government Approval System Reform Office has been verified that 50 certificates have been adjusted to verify, network-speech, internal information sharing△•■-, etc.○○▲★, from “masses” Rou?About Us beef gelatin powder near me dried fish scales for collagen,