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[benefits of chicken collagen type ii]Original title▷…: The Ministry of Education will leave five strokes to reduce the burden: many training institutions have successfully learned the “Chicken Soup=▼○” 10 am, the 13th National Peoples Congress▲◇▷▲, a reporter meeting in the Metacofi Hall of the Metacity. The Minister of Education▲◇, Chen Baosheng, “strive to make every child can enjoy fair and quality education…●●” and answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. When talking about whether the students “reduction or decrease” is the problem of paying more and more seriously▼=•◁, Chen Baosheng said that the burden is the hot word of the two sessions, and it is also social focus. Chen Baosheng said that the concept of “burden” needs to mitigate studies•=▲. In addition, “reduced burden▷•◁▲” is not only an education problem●▼○▷, but also social issues•▽▲. Next, the Ministry of Education will continue to promote the “burden” work of primary and secondary school students. He said, …◆△”reduce the burden-★=” first starts from the campus before the schoo.

Original title: 2018 Zhang Mao, Director of the National Industry and Commerce●▼◆▷, National Industry and Commerce: On July 1st, the National Investment Enterprise will make a record and business license of foreign-invested enterprises (Reporter Wang Wei Jia Shi Sha Xue Xueliang Chen Peng) Today (March 9th) In the afternoon, Zhang Mao, director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce•◆, said in the 13th National Peoples Congress, “Ministerial Channel”, will consolidate the filing and distribution of business investment enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the anegant☆☆, will be combined together◆☆◆•, fill in A form◇△-, go to a window, one handle. According to the work deployment▽★○, on July 1 this year▽-★, the whole country should be implemented. For the reasons for this reform, Zhang Wong said that last year, the number of foreign investment companies in my country continued to grow, but now foreign investment enterprises receive a business license has a filing process. This increases in compani.

Original title●○▼: How to evaluate Russia to play a role in the peninsula non-nuclearization and peace and stability, China responding [Global Network Comprehensive Report] June 1•…, 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying hosted a routine press■▽…•. There is a reporter asked△▪○: According to reports, Russian Foreign Minister Ruff Rov said when meeting North Koreas highest leader Kim Jong En said that Russia fully supported the DPRK leaders who had already put on the agenda and the determination and position of the peninsulaless. According to the report, the two sides exchanged views on the Semini Site, and the meeting of the highest leaders in Russia reached a consensus. How does China evaluate the role of Russia playing in the peninsula non-nuclearization and peace stability in the region? Hua Chunying responded that China noted that the Foreign Minister of Rafov visited North Korea, and His meeting was held in the foreign meeting of Jin Jongan and Li Yonghao-==. The DPRK reiterates non-nucle.Gelatin wholesale!

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