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[240 bloom gelatin]Original title: Chen Yings period of Hengfeng Bank Temporary Party Committee Secretary is now a Shandong Bank of Chinas official website of Hengfeng Bank official website screenshot of New Jingwei client on March 31st, Hengfeng Bank official website news column shows that Yantai Municipal Committee research decided Comrade Chen Ying served as Secretary of the Interim Committee of Hengfeng Bank Co◇■□□., Ltd◁○=. Chen Ying is now the Director of the Shandong Banking Regulatory Bureau and the Party Committee Secretary○=. In addition, the Finance Network reported earlier, on March 30, Hengfeng Bank reached the Candle Meet=△-. The Shandong Provincial Government was announced that Chen Ying, director of the Shandong Banking Regulatory Bureau, was served as Directors of Hengfeng Bank Party Committee. However, the latter news is not displayed on the Hengfeng Bank website. The leaders of the Shandong Banking Supervision Bureau show that Chen Ying, female▼▪◇●, Han nationality△◇▼▪, Hubei Wuhan, graduate degree, economics, Mountains★▷▷▪, 20.

Original title•◁: [Ministry of Solution] The SFC released new regulations late late at night, and why? On Friday night, the Securities and Regulatory Commission issued a new refund system and as usual. Time choice, I believe everyone can taste○▽◆. Pointing to the fact that the SFC has been preparing the system in brewing a few months ago○◇▽. In March of this year, the SFC began the improvement of opinions on the perfection of the listing of listed companies▲■, and strengthened the supervision function of the exchange of exchanges. On July 27, the official manuscript was released and asked for ◇=”immediate implementation△…▲▪”, which can be seen that the unified opinion has been reached▼■. This advice is the most “highlight★-” modification▪▼, “□=▲•” Clarified listed companies constitute fraudulent issuance, major information disclosure illegal or other fields involving national security▪△, public safety◇★-□, ecological security, production safety and public health safety Major illegal a.

Original title…-: Chinas comprehensive development index: Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen comprehensive ranking first three news (Reporter Yannuo) 2017★☆▽, Beijing, Shanghai-◆■◆, Shenzhen City Comprehensive Development Indicators not only renewed the comprehensive ranking of the championships, but also respectively Social★☆, economic, and 3 national tops of the country=•◁. The reporter learned on the 23rd that the “China City Comprehensive Development Indicators 2017○…” jointly prepared by the Development Planning Division of the State Development and Reform Commission and Yunhe Urban Research Institute have been released. In the ranking, Beijing in the community in the society, including the national first quality▽-, inheritance, communication◁☆, status and treatment of 3 monographs of the national indicators; Shanghai has received economic quality, urban impact, and environmental environments in Shanghai-●◆▷. The national first in the country of 3 in the middle space structure; Shenzhen is in the environment, economy and socie.Pectin manufacturer what are bovine hide collagen peptides halal gelatin glue,