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[protein energy drink industry statistics]Original title: Northeast Zhenxing is a key view of Junhai Visual Chinese data map country to cure, and politicism will rule▷▽. People are the most active, sustainable•▷☆◇, most effective development factors=▽=, and the first resource that supports economic and social development•=◇•. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the country should develop and talent is the key. Based on the historical orientation of the new era, the Party Central Committee•▪, the State Council gave the sacred mission of Northeast, and we must realize a new breakthrough in the key elements of “people▷□”, use ▲-☆”people…○=” to lead the revitalization▷▪, to stand in the mountains of the mountain The perspective of the perspective, with the urgent expectation of Xiangxiang, with the good environment of love talent, and praise the Northeast Zhenjing★•○. First, the successful practice of emancipating the idea is more refined◁◇▪▽, the successful practice of reform and opening up•□, the successful practice of the 40 years shows us◆●▷, every step of development, every breakthrough, every achieveme▪▼▷□.

Original title■◆: Rockets, British Song, half a century ago•▽▲•, in order to strengthen national defense power, build a large national Guilijian•…■, the second artillery engineering troop gathered☆•■, the construction army•=-▪, the main army, the main force of the original 8343 troops■☆▽▲, 8344 troops, ordered the defense Tip engineering task. In that material, the equipment is lagging, the extremely difficult age is extremely difficult, and 10,000 officers, with unlimited loyalty to the party▽•▲□, for the motherland△◇◇, and the people who are so smart▼◁△●, and the gully, they live in the mountains◁▽■, and live in the grass shed. , The top, the wind, the wind, the shaped thorns□•, the blood of the blood; they opened the road, in the water rack bridge-◁•●, no stenosis●■●▼, defeating a still one of ordinary people, it is difficult to imagine, and build another strong defense fortress●■, create a One human miracle. The troops have emerged from the Central Military Commission to “steel warfar.

Zhongxin Net Wuxi May 28th▷■▪: ​​•△”The same city” life is in the Yangtze River Delta region=□●■, Yang Yanci Sun Quan Wang Yifei has been in the Yangtze River Delta=▼☆, integration is a consensus of people from all walks of life. On May 27th, in Jiangsu Wuxi held a conference▪★□△, 10 railway transportation cities realized “a code pass△▪”, the long triangular “one network” officially opened•◆=○, etc▲★●. The life of □•”different from the city” is a reality in the Yangtze River Delta. The Yangtze River Delta is the most important part of our urbanization strategy layout. It is the largest population and economic intensive district in my country•◇. It is the most innovative▷▼□, most dynamic are■▷△▽. Nanjing May 27th (泱 泱 颜 慈) Move finger•■□▲, you can check the ■▪◁”transparent factory” in real time, and every workers access time, work schedule is immediately “flashing”. Production process, equipment status through interconnection, panoramic exhibition is now on a piece of block ..▽▼★. This is the “Wuxi Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics▷★☆-” equipment and industrial Internet platform construction “projects for Chery Automobile•□-◁” tailor-made “project-□▼△. By realizing the fusion of automation systems and information systems, equipment data real-time acquisition and procedure, through the establishment of transparent plants☆-☆, enabling enterprises☆•-, decline, and efficiency. In the Wuxi Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Dunshunding, Dean Tang Dunbi.

Original title: “Taiwan independence” promotes the △•”Olympic genuine referendum★◇☆●” has reached the Threshold National Taiwan Office to respond to Overseas Network September 12○★▼□, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press on September 12 at 10:00 am●●◆. The hotspot responds. Xinhua News Agency reporter said that it has been reported that the so-called △★”Olympic Games Report” driven by the “Taiwan independence” forces has reached the threshold of the Affairs, and the Ministry of Protent Party provides a lot of support. What comments do you have●▷◁? An Fengshan said that the International Olympic Committee has clearly stated in Taiwans participation in the Olympics. “Olympic model●▪●” is the principle of international sports organizations and branch of sports people in the branches. The island is a few “Taiwan independence◆-△” splitting forces Bay sports athletics and Taiwan compatriots in the Ministry of Public Progressive Party supported controversy, regardless of the International Olympic Committe○…▼●.Contacts!

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