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[ankur protein industries limited]Original title: Zhang Na East 2018 four two sessions recommended to see: green packaging, precision poverty poverty, data sharing and sports copyright system cover news reporter How to reflect social relations and public opinion, better participation political bureau…▽★, rumors, is the chairman of Suning Holding Group Zhang is near the most important “homework▷•□” in March every year. Since 2003☆□▪, it is 15 years of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference…•, and Zhang nearast is integrated into the concerns and recommendations of economic and social development in 70 proposals involving precise poverty alleviation, college student entrepreneurship, circulation modernization. In 2018, the two sessions of Zhang Ni East opened again. After the first time•◇◁, after the first time▽★=▽, after the representative of the 13th National Peoples Congress, on March 3, he brought four suggestions to the two conferences•▪□. In the past 15 years, Zhang nearast 8 times focuses on rural and farmers, this year he built agai▷□☆◁.

Original title: Operators Minister Yang Xiaotu: The National Supervision Committee has not agreed is not a minister Yang Xiaotai, Minister Yang Xiaotian, Minister Yang Xiaotu■-▲, accepts reporters■○. China Net Yang Jiahot China Network News March 5 (Reporter Shangyang) The 13th National Peoples Congress opened in Beijing today. After the meeting◁△☆-, the second ○=”Minister Channel▲▷□▷” was held in the Great Hall of the People. Yang Xiaotai, Minister Yang Xiaotai, said in an interview that the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate and the National Procuratorates anti-corruption system have joined the National Supervision Committee…●, and the central discipline committee, the supervisory committee and the local discipline committee supervision committee have increased by 10%. Chinas website live Yang Xiaodu said that the future of the functions will be expanded▽-…■, but the terrain type is basically the same as the past party discipline inspection work and the national administrative supervision work■◆. It is not too muc?

Original title: The government acts in accordance with the law (the rule of law) must say the hot words of the national two sessions, and the “rule of law government” is one of them. The 19th National Congress of the Party pointed out that transforming government functions, deepening simplified judicial decentralization, innovation and supervision methods◇•, enhance government credibility and execution☆•, and building a service-oriented government. In the past five years, from the list of the rules of the “Redhead document”, from the public to law enforcement, the rule of law is going to progress▲◇. Each authority must have legal basis for the official website of the State Council◆△, and a list of administrative examination and approval matters in the official website of the State Council. This is the first place in the central government to make a list of powers and show the bottom of the power. Executive according to law first must pay the statutory statutory, the construction of the rule of law◁•, first to clarify the side of pow!

Original title▷▲■: The spokesperson of the Environment responded to the air quality of Beijing in March: God does not help people must work hard to cover the news reporter Apruce April 19th, the ecological environmental spokesperson Liu Youbin responded this years March air quality decline It is said that the meteorological conditions in Beijing are very unfavorable in March, and the atmospheric pollution diffusion conditions are the worst in the same history of 6 years. Recently-☆, the Ecological Environment has released the main area of ​​March 2018 and 74 urban air quality conditions. The data shows that the ratio of excellent days in Beijing has been 46.7%, down 14▼◆•.6 percentage points year-on-year★…▷. The PM2.5 concentration was 88 micrograms / cubic meters▷▲, up 39.7% year-on-year. “Atmospheric pollution prevention is both a battle★•…☆, it is also a long-lasting battle.” Liu Youbin said, although atmospheric pollution prevention and treatme▲○□.

[Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Zhang Hui] Recently, US officials call for comprehensive investigation of new crown viruses, saying that China has not maintained completely transparent during traceability□-▪☆. In this regard, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at the 26th routine reporter meeting that traceability is a scientific issue, the purpose is to enhance human awareness of viruses, better prevent infectious diseases in the future▷■■. Since the epidemic, China has taken the lead in supporting WHO to carry out global traceability research. From January 14th to February 10 this year★■=, WHO International Experts Group has carried out a one-month in-depth study in Wuhan, and both parties have carried out real estator■▷. is gelatin made from horse hooves gelatin capsules price Pectin manufacturer nippi fish collagen peptide animal protein producers industry appi,