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[hydrolyzed collagen peptides bovine skin]Original title: National Taiwan Affairs Office: Residence Permit is welcomed by the Taiwan, has exceeded 2.2 million people to apply for a map for the Taiwanese application residence certificate (Figure★▷: Taiwan media map) Overseas network September 12, September 12, 3: 00▷◁, the National Taiwan Affairs Office held a routine press conference☆☆, and the spokesman An Fengshan revealed that the Taiwan residence has applied the mainland residence permit for nearly 10 days, and said that the residence permit is praised. Taiwan Zhongtian TV reporter asked the spokesman▼★, since September 1☆•, since the residence permit, there have been many Taiwan residents to handle residence permit▪…★? An Fengshan said that after the issuance of the –▪☆”HKAC Residents Residence Permit Application and Distribution•…▷◁,◆•◆▽” has been popular with the general welcome and affirmation of the Taiwan compatriots, all aspects are very enthusiastic☆▪=. Since the implementation of the “Measures” on September 1, various plants△▽■, Taiwan, and the entrepreneurship tabl.

At the 13th meeting, a meeting of the 13th National CPPCC was opened at 3 pm on March 3 at 3 PM. The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference listened and considered the Work Report of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC and the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee on the Work of the 12th CPPCC△◇▪▼. The following is a live record: conscientiously implement the major reform measures for the CPPCC on the democratic construction of the CPPCC, implement the implementation of the policy of democratic construction of the CPPCC to carry out stage evaluation, through field research inspection, promotion experience, find insufficient, improve work, further improve The plenary meeting is the lead☆△○□, with the topic of the Standing Committee and the Topic Negotiation Association, with the two-week negotiation symposium, a counterpart consultation, proposal to handle the conference, etc. Establish a development annual consultation plan system▲◁, increa.

Original title: Maintaining the Constitution Defend Constitution ▼…▼★”Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 13▽▪, 2018) National people, all state organs and armed forces▼★, political parties and social groups, allocate business organizations▽★▪, The constitutional dignity must be maintained in the constitutional dignity★◁■, ensuring the responsibility of the Constitution March 11th…▪, and the 13th National Peoples Congress has adopted the constitutional amendment. It reflects the partys claim to the times●-★. The organic unity of the willingness of the national will and the people will adhere to how to adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics▪☆★, and achieve the “two-year hundred years” struggle and the Chinese nations great rejuvenation Chinese dream, give an answer in the form of a fundamental law. Respect the Constitution, any political parties☆▼•, organization, individuals are not allowed to dri.

Original title: 15 female mayor on the two sessions were the International Womens Day on March 8. The national two sessions held in Beijing, a total of 2,980 people representatives◇◆○▽, including 742 women representatives, accounting for 24.90% of the total representatives, and increased by 1.5 percentage points compared to the 12th session△○. “Government•■” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE) Sir, found that at least 15 mayor of prefecture-level city may be in the 742 female representatives. They are=▲◇☆: Guo Yingying◆□△, Southwest Governor, Southwestern Guizhou, Hubei Province, Huanggang City▷▪=, Hubei Province, Municipal Mayor Guo Yonghong, Chang Lihong…●, mayor of Chengde City, Hebei Province, Changmei, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province▲•=■, also deputy province○◇○, Liaoning Province Long, Panjin City Mayor Hao Chunrong, Zhang Yongxia▲•▷•, Mayor◁■, Yantai City, Shandong Province, Longquan Mayor, Changquan●◆□, Shaanxi, Mayor of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Provin.