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Pure collagen.[industrial gelatin factory]Original title: The salary of the high tube has a monthly salary of 25,000 to 1200 lawyers: Compliance with the Voice of China “News” report. A few days ago, there were media reports, and Mr. Yushang is a large customer manager of a US logistics company in Xiamen, has worked for 24 years. One medical examination 3 years ago, he was diagnosed as liver cancer-○, hospitalized month, when he saw the wage bar△•■, only 1200 yuan, this is the salary during medical treatment★△▼□. Since the original monthly salary is 25,000 months▷▪▽, this makes him a huge gap. I★▼. Mr. Ke, corporate■•=, legal compliance, is not aimed at the interview with the person in charge of the company in Xiamen District, said that the company pays wages and legal compliance based on relevant regulations●▲○◆. Mr▼◇▲. Ke: ◆□•▽”The salary of 1200 yuan is like th?

# 2018 Look at the two sessions # [Ma Junsheng: There are nearly 600 million peasants to enjoy online shopping services] Ma Junsheng, the Director of the State Post Bureau, currently, the administrative village has reached 96%, and the rural express coverage rate has reached 87%, and nearly 600 million farmers have enjoyed Online shopping service●…=●. The next step will: 1 Continue to promote the coverage of rural outlets; 2 Improve express coverage◆▷; 3 to the farm products with a certain brand, a certain sales power will launch express + gold medal projects▷•••. Let courier and post can better serve rural precise poverty alleviation work. # 微视 两 会 # Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang .

Original title: Thailand wants to use “Hello” to meet the five airports of Chinese tourists Thailand have opened up special channels for Chinese tourists and equipped with customs clerutics in Chinese Mandarin to speed up and exit●◇■. Hong Kong ▽-▷”Nanhua Morning Post◆☆☆…” August 9/201: Thailand Airport says “Hello★○” to work back to China Tourists Phukets tragedy has made great influences in Chinas tourists arriving in Thailand last month, but this Southeast Asia The countrys entry and exit officials are doing their best to attract Chinese tourists. Chinas official data showed that although the Thai tourists in Thailand had almost no change compared to the same period last year, it increased by 20% year-on-year. A online travel agency in China said on Wednesday that it has been noted that the number of tourism bookings to Thailand is reduced. ▷◆★▲”Many (China) guests are taking a wait-and-see attitude▷▼.