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[viva naturals pure collagen peptides grass fed bovine collagen]Original title■•: Beijing currently six severe pollution will now expect sandstorms in Beijing (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) According to the live situation of Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center••, the current Beijing air quality has reached six severe pollution☆=□▼. The meteorological department forecast shows that the cold air is gradually increased tonight, and the weather will weaken. However, there will be Sands in the local place, and the first pollutants will be PM10▽●◇□, mild pollution tomorrow (April 3). At 10 oclock in Beijing, Beijing PM2◆••.5 concentration (micrograms / cubic meters) showed that the city is 285, the northwest is 232●△…, the northeast is 285, the southeast is 235, the southwest is 269, the pollution level is further up yesterday, all districts The air quality reaches 6 severe pollution levels. The Municipal Meteorological Department said that there is a moderate to severe exhibition in Beijing in Beijin▷☆!

Original title◁□☆: National Forestry and Grassland Bureau Harvesting National Park Authority, will bring historical changes to the national park management bureau brand in the National Forestry and Grassland▷○▽, and incorporate natural protection into unified management■▲★◆, establish national park as the main body The natural protection system, this major measures will have a deep historic change in the field of nature protection. This is a major decision-making that is the highly decision of the •◁▼”Comrade Xi Jinpings” Party Central Committee “☆▪, the highly developed ecological civilization construction☆◇◆, will have a profound impact on Chinas natural protection and even beautiful China. This reform, from time dimensions, the natural protection movement directly enters version 2.0 in the new era of ecological civilization; from space dimension▼★, all natural protection is included in unified management, will solve the problem of protecting space planning over.

Zhongxin Network Langfang May 26 (Song Mintao Wang Yili) To comprehensively do a good job in all kinds of disaster accidents, especially earthquake rescue cross-regional preparations, further enhance the citys fire rescue team emergency response and combat winning capabilities★▪, 25th to 26th The fire rescue detachment of Langfang City●□◆, Hebei Province organized a total of comprehensive factor earthquake disaster cross-regional actual combat pulling drills◆◆△◁. The event was transferred to 19 fire rescue stations, a total of more than 200 fighters◁•△□, including a heavy-duty earthquake rescue team consisting of 110 people. The picture shows the fire refrons warfare to carry out fixed support subjects. Fan Yida photo is the equipment carrying the firefighting warfare. Fan Yida took place to form a place in Langfang Ci pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides hydrolysate powder grass fed bovine peptide gelatine health…•▼ alr industries humapro tabs protein matrix formulated for humans!Contacts can bovine collagen peptides cause weight gain,