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Contacts.[fish collagen collagen peptides]Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, April 2 (Reporter Xu Jin Yu) these two days, a different god of poverty has caused a small sensation, preaching◁□▲, and preaching content to become a village tea rice in Tammy Town, Ningxia Yanchi County◆■▷○. The hot topic of the rest▽■. “The preligors are the ordinary farmers on the town, many know◆▽☆, some are still playing together. They are all truthful, everyone can understand◁☆, willing to listen. Tell the emotion, we also follow Tears together=△●△. “Tianji Village established a card to Tang Jun said. Since the Spring Festival◁◆◁●, 8 towns and towns in Yanchi County have formed an 8-provoked lecture group△…-△. In all administrative villages, “the poor” theme tour in all administrative villages, the preliminary people are all screened from the poverty poverty○◆◇, and they use the people to speak People, publicize and poverty alleviation policies, motivate the masses to get ri.

Original title: “315 party◁▲” exposure road marking line scrap Transportation Department has sent an inspection team cover news reporter August 16th, cover news reporters learned from the Ministry of Transport that some road marks for “315 evening▼●” exposure There is a quality problem, the individual road marking line products produce enterprises▲•△△, and some products have been inspected to supervise the provision for provinces in some ways to invest in some roads. The Ministry of Transport said that the issue of road traffic involved in the report will take resolute measures to urge rectification■◁▲=. Problems reflected in the program◆▽, once it is verified●○★●, it will be included in the blacklist in the banned transportation industry, and resolutely eliminate unqualified products into the transportation field. In order to ensure highway traffic safety•□□◆, the Ministry of Transport is in the Ministry of Transpo◆=▪!

Original title: The first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress (the first meeting of the first meeting of the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress on March 4, 2018) According to the Constitution of the Peoples Republic of China ○▽”△•” =◆•” When the voting, the representative can represent it, and it can represent opposition or to repay. Second★▼=•, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress vote for other motions, using non-registration, according to the vote, and passed the passing of the ticket by all the representatives…○▲▼. When the vote, the representative can represent it, and it can be oppose. gelatin leaf to powder ankur protein industries limited

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