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[gelatin manufacturing]Original title…•◆: Heavy pound! Beijings secretary of the 5 district committee, 3 district governor on March 27, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued 9 pre-public notice, and proposed to be the secretary of the district committee•=•…, 3 district director, two municipal units. I know the XJB-Jingshier◆▷, among which the two deputy deputy director of the Municipal Party Committee will take the regular position, respectively, the Deputy Minister of Executive, Jia Mo Micro-proposed Region Party Committee Secretary, and the Deputy Minister Zhang Lega is running as the municipal unit. Chang Wang Hao☆▷▼, Chang Wang, Shunyi District□▼, Chang Zhangjiapeng□◆△▲, Tongzhou District Chang Zhangli, and other three secretary of the district committee. According to the pre-appointment of the Secretary of China, Chaoyang Shunyi Tongzhou 3◆■, according to the first public announcement, the Chang Wang Hao, Shunyi District, Changjiapeng◆=○, the executive Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee●▪, Jia Mo Min, the executive Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Changhui△▲□=, Tongzhou District Lo.

Original title: The Senior Sanctor of the State Council is a silent source: Changan Street, Im a written article Wei Zhang Ning “Who is your successor?□◁◁◇” “You guess About Us collagen peptide powder fish properties of jello,!◇▪-” This dialogue occurred in the center of Madia The person who has answered the problem is the Chinese Peoples Bank of China. This morning, Zhou Xiaochuan attended the reporter meeting, answering questions about China and foreign journalists on the ▲•”financial reform and development□□”▼◆●○. He personally stayed and became a topic of Chinese and foreign reporters chased. Since 2002-◆▷, Zhou Xiaochuan began to serve as the President of the Central Bank, and has been 15 years since the beginning of the State Council. He was attended more than ten times during the two sessions. In this familiar occasion, he talks about financial reforms and renminbi internationalization, and also refutes some financial chaos□▷◇. For so many years in the finan.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) The State Council Food Safety Office, the Market Supervision□■☆, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Education held a meeting on the 27th=◁•. The meeting pointed out that campus food safety is an important aspect of food safety, and the healthy growth of the next generation of the motherland is related to the happiness of hundreds of millions of families, and the social stability. Recently, Anhui△▼▷▪, Henan continuous campus food safety incidents, exposed the schools food safety work, is not strict, the management responsibility of the local area has not been implemented, and the supervision department has failed to perform, and must be highly valued. Meeting requirements, all over the food safety office a▪•▪.

Original title: Guangdong Zhanjiang Hospital medical personnel purchase of vaccine to eat the Changchun Changsheng vaccine products July 22◇◆▼, the medical staff of many hospitals in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province■★◇…, in the process of purchasing the vaccine, eating a medical company salesman or Sales staffs rebate. According to the reporter today (July 22), the Chinese referee Document Network……▼=, the Guangdong Zhanjiang two-level courts from November 2017□○○▪, in June this year◁▲, a total of 5 bribery, bribery◆☆▷☆, bribery☆○◆▪, bribery, bribery case○▽, a bribery case 4, 1 bribery case, and 5 cases involved in Changchun Changsheng vaccine products=…. Among the 5 cases of the cases◆□◇○, 5 people were sentenced to criminal punishment▼▪▲★, and 1 person was sentenced to death. In one case▼▽=, Zhanjiang Wuchuan City CDC, former Director Liang Kangbin was sentenced to accept bribe brown gelatin capsules is bovine collagen peptides vegan!

Original title△▼: “Guiyang Girl Shared House is chopped=…•◆” investigation □ Our reporter Wang Jiariang □ This newspaper reporter Wang He Lin recently, a 19-year-old Guizhou girls Weibo suddenly in the network “fire”=•☆, she sent a newspaper, Because the girl who smashed the hosted live, she was cut by the girl●•□, and the girl was chopped, the left face was cut two knives, sewing more than 200 needles, chin nerve was cut off. More detailed in more detail◆○, I have encountered my alarm after the incident, and then equipped with the young photos of youth in the week, soon☆■, I will let the Weibo get nearly two million readings and tens of thousands of revolutions. So, where is the focus of this microblog post? Whether the truth is completely like described in Weibo? Recently, the reporter conducted a field investigation. Posted for h.