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[pork capsule gelatin]Original title: Tsinghua Professor Luo Yongzhang: It is recommended to speed up the construction of smoke big seabed tunnel: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News · View of Journalism Suggestions on Building Yantai to Dalian Upperi High Speed ​​Tunnel. The two ends of the seabed tunnel of 123 kilometers long are designed◇▽, respectively, Dalian◆=, Liaoning and Yantai▼○▲. This span will also make the Bohai Strait crosshai channel far super super-Japanese Qingxin Tunnel (about 54 kilometers), the British Sea Submarine Tunnel (about 51 km), becoming the longest seabed tunnel in the world…•. “Yantai Penglai to Dalian Loss is about 106 kilometers, while there is more than 1…◇,500 kilometers above land▽●, take 6-8 hours by boat, and more than 1 yea■◁. May 27th, May 27th, the Ministry of Defense held a routine meeting, deputy director of the Ministry of Defense, Tan Kefei=★, the Department of Defense, and the Ministry of Division, and the DPPs authorities collude to meet the external forces-☆, sell national interests. Even the fantasy “Wu Huan-•▼…” will only bring Taiwan compatriots into the disaster abyss. At the meeting◆▽★▼, there were reporters asked: According to reports□▷☆•, the US Protection Safety Cooperation Agreement is proposed to release an announcement to Taiwan to sell offensive weapons such as M109A6 self-suggeston○○○◁. This will be the first time the governments launched after the Gitden government▽◆▲▲. According to reports, the Taiwan Air Force recently tested AIM-120 in the Southeastern Airways, which was the first time after the sale of this missil○☆-▲.

Rui Reference Wiqi ☆▪”Change Entrance to China○☆▷☆?” The truth is a bit complicated ●◇☆… Reference Message Network reported on May 27 (text / Tang Lixin) to add the sin, why no words. Not long ago◆★☆, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin once revealed that the anti-China power used the rumors to attack Chinas routine, and a total of three steps◆-: first explode with the so-called scholar▲☆●○, the victim, then the media followed into the speculation▽▼△, then the official echo intervention•▲△=. Wang Wenbin is in touch with the issue of Xinjiang, but the recent events have shown that this routine is also used by some people, such as new crown viruses. They first played a •▽”big brand”★△: US Presidential Chief Medical Adviser Ant■◇••.