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Contacts different capsule sizes ping gelatin capsules,[ankur protein industries limited]Original title: The person in charge of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, on the “Industrial and Mine Soil Environment Management Measures”, the reporter asked the reporter asked the Ecological Environment to release “The Soil Environment Management Measures (Trial)★◆” (Trial) •□◇”(Trial)” (Trial) “(Trial)” (hereinafter referred to “). The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Ecological Environment has answered the reporters question on the background▪★, significance☆△★, main content and characteristics of the “Measures”. Q…□: What is the background and meaning of “Measures○▼◆”•▽•▽? A: On May 28, 2016, the State Council issued the Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (hereinafter referred to as “Earth Ten△▪•-“)▽○☆=. This is the programming document of the national soil pollution prevention work in the current and future. “Earth Ten” clearly requires the release of soil environmental management department of industrial and mining land. The introduction of the ●☆”Measures●▼” will be to strengthen the soil and groundwater of industrial deposit•◁.

Original title: 2018 National Second Session, North Dagonghua School, Vice President Jin Li: House prices rose more than 10% annually, it will be difficult to follow the New Beijing News (Reporter Hou Run Fang Dynasty Li Xiaoli) How to look at the 2017 room price increase? How to understand related regulatory policies? What is the future housing price? The Beijing News interviewed the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Jin Li, Vice President of the Peking University Guanghua School of Management★▪□. Jin Li said that in the past decade, the average annual increase of 10% or higher△▽, but this skyrockery will be difficult to continue. Investors continue to put real estate as the main target of investment▽▼, it is recommended to make a big adjustment on asset configuration. Beijing News: How to look at this round of housing prices in 2016? Jin Li: from the past ten yea.

Original title□○: The National Standards Committee and other three departments have issued opinions to help accurately poverty alleviation economic daily. Beijing May 25th reporter Guo Jingyuan learned from the National Standard Committee that the National Standards Committee, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office “The Guidance of Conducting Standardization Work to Help Poverty Alleviation▷●”. “Guidance-▲…★” clarifies 6 job tasks: First△▷, promote the establishment of a diversified precision povertress alleviation system▼○◁. The second is to promote the construction of agricultural standardization demonstration zones in poor areas. The experience and model of national agricultural standardization demonstration zone will be reproduced in poverty-stricken areas. The third is to promote the beautiful rural construction in poor areas. Create a beautiful rural brand to promote standardization and institutionalization of beautiful rural construction in poor areas. The fourth is to promote the organic product certification of poverty-stricken areas★▲□. Vigorously develop the organic area of ​​pover?