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[rio verde industria de gorduras e proteinas ltda]China News Agency, May 26 (Li Jingze) For the US House Recently, the US Global Leadership and Participation Act, called on the United States and allies to coordinate the competition of China••-●, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lie 26th in routine The press contest said that China resolutely opposed this and will firmly defend their own interests◁=•○. ◁★”The United States will consider the fact that the development road and internal and external policies of the United States are involved in Chinas sovereign and territorial complete issues, which damage the Chinese interests. China is resolutely opposed, will firmly defend their own interests.” Zhao Lijian pointed out. Xue Wei took him that the Taiwan issue is the political foundation of Sino-US relations, which is an insurmountable red lin!

Beijing anti-food waste regulations vote, clarifying various subject responsibility catering service operators must not set the minimum consumption yesterday, Beijings Thirty-first meeting vote for the 19th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee “(Referred to as” specified ◇…”). “Specify” clear catering service operators, catering platforms, unit canteens and other subject responsibility, the scene of collective dining, student dining, tourism, buffet▼★○, holiday dining, etc., strengthen regulatory constraints, implement classification Guide. “Status▲▪” will be implemented since the date of publication. Personally pack the remaining meal to practice “CD Action” “Regulations▲-” proposed, and save▷▪▷=, oppose was.

Original title: Hebei 1st city or promotion of extra large cities! The city, industry, subway … will have a large change! At the beginning of the new year, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province ushered in a series of good news! This year is expected to get into the national ugly city gelatin structure! “Baili painting” is about to be built★▼▲★, the second city hairdressing conference is amazing•▷◇▪! 1 to build a famous Chinese culture tourist city, the deputy center of Shijiazhuang Urban Area! 1 district won the 4 star test evaluation, the future is expected to build global influence .=•◁.. At the same time, the spring city is rectified, accelerate the ■-▲☆”4 + 4◁▽” modern industrial development, 3 subway latest construction progress exposure … 2018★-•●, Shijiazhuang will become More charming does gelatin has collagen-▼! incredible capsule shells for sale! Shijiazhuang is about to get into the countrys large city protein snack industry! 490.22 million people in the urban area, recently◁☆, Shijiazhuang Statistics issued a message,.Contacts,