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[high protein beer industry reports]Original title: Wang Yi held a talks on the 15th of Japan, Hiraho, held talks on the 15th•▲, and Wang Yi, a member of the State Council and Foreign Minister, officially visited Japan, and held a talks with Japan. Wang Yi said that China-Japanese relations present improved momentum, and there are some complex sensitive factors. This invitation to visit the day▪▲, which is a response from the Chinese side to the China policy. I hope to be an important step in the return of the two countries to return to normal tracks, and prepare for the next high-level contact creation of the two countries. Wang Yi said that this year is the 40th anniversary of the Sino-Japan Peaceful Friendship Treaty▪…☆▪, and the 20th anniversary of the “Sino-Japanese Union Declaration◆■” is also the 10th anniversary of the ○☆”Sino-Japanese Declaration”. Basic, with history, create a future •▪◁●”-△, promote the relationship between the two countri.

Original title: Kindergarten monitoring night should be able to see the car grade Xinjing News (Reporter Shaob) 24 hours a 24-hour somewhere, kindergarten monitoring system reaches full coverage▲■, all faculty and students to conduct safety education training … Recently•▼, ▼▼”Beijing” Ping An Campus Construction Standard (Trial) “(Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as “Standard”)○△-●, the citys primary and secondary school▷○=…, and below◆=▪, and gives a quantitative indicator. At the same time◆■=, the “Promoting the Advisory of Ping An Campus in Ping An Campus” in the Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten (Trial), striving to build a three-year safe campus construction from 2018 to 2020●◁☆△, so that the citys primary and secondary school kindergarten will basically reach the Ping An Campus Construction Standard. The school gate takes 24 hours to have a new “release” “standard” from the security leadership organization system constructio.

At around 8:15 in the morning, the citys urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban urban explosions said that this explosion has led to 1 death▽=•■, and one is seriously injured. A large number of military police have controlled the scene and started investigations……▽•. There is currently no armed organization that is responsible for this explosion★◁•. (Total reporter Wang Yuezhou) [Editor: Guo Yu We.