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Pectin manufacturer![gelatin coated tablet]Original title: Sun Shaoyuan is a newly established decommissioned military affairs department (Figure / Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Beijing March 19th●•-☆, this morning▲□△, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Seventh Conference Appointed Sun Shaozhen as the Minister of Detailed Detailed Military Affairs△★. According to the State Councils institutional reform programs, the Department of Decommissioning Military Affairs■□☆. The retired military personnel of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the responsibility of the duties▽◆☆☆, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Central Military Commission, the relevant responsibilities of the Central Military Commission◇◇, the relevant responsibilities of the Logistics Safety, and form the Department of Retired Military Affairs☆◇◁, as the State Council. Sun Shaozhen○▷, Sun Shaozhen, male•▲•▪, Han nationality, born in July 1960, Shandong Haiyang, participated in the work in July 1984, joined in China in May 19.

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, May 26 (Reporter Liu Fu) The latest data released by the World Health Organization on the 26th showed that the global cumulative new crown diagnosed cases reached 167,492■★,769 cases-▲△○. The latest data on the WHO website shows that as of 16=▪▲:48 at the central European time (22◇☆◆▽:48 Beijing time), the global confirmed case increased by 4,613,47 cases, reaching 167□▷□=,492,769 cases; 10,628 cases of death, reaching 3482907 example△▼☆△. [Edit▼▷○▷: 立★○.

Xinhua News Agency Hebei Xiongan May 26th, Item: Millennium Month, how is it “Run★▽” Xiongan? – Nanshi North Mode All Media Research Strue Interview with the Sixth Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xudong, Qu Ting□=, Zhang Taojiuhe Xiajun, North China Pearl. Baiyangdian is like Xiongan★…▲•, like West Lake in Hangzhou. The Xiongan New District contains the entire waters of Baiyang. Standing in the Baiyangdi on Xiongan Anxian County looked around, the water was broadly sparkling, and the large piece of reeds like the green field of the water•▲☆, the wind blows, green waves, and endless. Xiongan New District is a millennium, national events, adhering to the new development concept, high standard high quality construction, Baiyangdian is critical to constructing the beauty of ecology. Baiyangdian, this H.

Original title: (two sessions were subject to the release) Chen Xi participated in Qinghai delegation to review the Xinhua News Agency Beijing•◆□▽, March 8th★•▪, China Communist Party Committee…-, Minister of China▽★★, Chen Xi, attending the Qinghai delegation, said●▼▷◁, fully agreed, resolute Support the draft constitutional amendment. It fully endorse the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking in national political and social life in the Constitution, and seize the new era of socialism with all the people of all nationalities△=▼, and seize the great victory of new era of Chinese characteristics◁…◁. It is important. It fully endorses the “Chinese Communist Party Leadership is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics”, which is conducive to strengthening the partys leadership awareness in all people, effectively implementing the partys comprehensive leadership to the national work process and all aspects. Fully agree with the revision of the State Preside.•…, May 26, China (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) The 36th meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee of Guangdong Province held a second plenary meeting in Guangzhou on the 26th☆-○•. The meeting voted the Decision of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Congress to resign to the vice guigilion of the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government. It is reported that Yan Wei has been elected as the mayor of the Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Government▷◇. The meeting was voted, and Chen Mins deputy secretary-general of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of the Peoples Congress of the Peoples Congress of Chen Min☆▽•, appointed Jiao Lan Sheng as a member of the 13th Peoples Congress of Guangdong Province▲•, and left Ge Wei Weis Guangdong Development and Director of the Reform Commission◆…, appointed Zheng Renao to send in Guangdong Provin☆=▽.

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