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[industrial protein for bacterial culture]Original title: Chongqing a man puts ex-wife and other 4 people stabbed 1 person has died by the police to capture the China New Network August 11th, according to Chongqing Tongliang District Public Security Bureau official microblogging news, 8:20 on August 11th A case of injured cases occurred in Yuquan Park, Dongcheng Street▷▪, Tongliang District, Chongqing▷◆. Li Mou (male◆▪◁, 59), Pu Lu Street, Tongliang District, was stabbed by 4 people such as Wang (female■◇○, 53)▽▷■, Li Mou (male, 69)▷◆. Image source: Chongqing Tongliang District Public Security Bureau official microblogging. After receiving the alarm☆▽□○, the copper gang police quickly rushed to the scene to capture Li and sent the injured to the doctor. At present, Li Mou has died after being rescued◁▪△, and the remaining three injured people are being treated◆-▲. The case is under further investigation. Editor in charge△…▽◆: Huo .

Original title: Song Chenli☆□▽▪, president of the Heihe City Vocational Education Center School, received the review and investigating the party secretary of the School Party Committee of the Horizontal Vocational and Technical Education Center, and the principals Song Chen was suspected of serious violations, and the discipline review and supervision survey was currently being accepted-▪. Song Chen Qi resume Song Chen, male=▷△, Han nationality★▲…◇, born in 1965☆☆, Heilongjiang Helen, in August 1990, participated in the Work in December 1996△○, graduated from the Chinese Communist Party=☆…◇, Harbin Normal University, graduate, journalism, senior middle school teacher. 1985.09-1990◁▼.07 Harbin Normal University Political Education Professional Learning 1990.07-1990.08 Treatment 1990▼▽-☆.08-1996.05 Heihe City Education Commission Tips 1996.05-19◇□◇△!

Original title: Huizhou Municipal Peoples Procuratorate Party Secretary and Prosecutor Zhang Sizhong was investigated Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Tangnan correspondent Yue Yunxuan) reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Committee yesterday that Huizhou Municipal Peoples Procuratorate Party Secretary and Prosecutor Zhang Sizhen is suspected of suspected of suspected Serious violations of laws and discipline are currently being accepted for discipline review and monitoring. Responsible Editor: Zhang . soy peptone loss on drying calculation uspPure collagen gelatin is derived from protein supplement industry in india!