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[hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide]Xiamen Xiamen May 28 (Reporter Yang Qishan) includes 1 theme patriarch, 8 red ruins “card point” “Gulangyu Red Education Base”, officially enabled in Xiamen Gulangyu, World Cultural Heritage, on the 28th•☆◁▷. Gulangyu has not only witnessed the historical intersection of the Chinese and Western cultures…△, but also left a lot of red ruins that record the heroic deeds of the revolutionary ancestors under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. This red educational base led by the Ministry of Education of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee will guide party members and cadres to revisit red history, and use ▪▽▼☆”red gene” to stimulate “red power.-◆○” The Gulangyu CPC Fujian Committee Organs for the Old Site▪△. Yang Qishans Standing Committee of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, Organizing Minister Chen Shenyang said that in the last century or thirteen.

Original title…-: Real estate long-term mechanism construction step into the batch period from 2018 Government Work report◆•▼◁, my countrys property market has not changed, but it has different mains compared with the regulation compared to last year◆…□●, this year will become a real estate long-term mechanism The key year for breaking through. Since the beginning of the final round of this round, it can clearly see that all kinds of documents at all levels of the central to the local will strictly implement the total ideas and adherence to the “Classification, Classification and Regulation”. It is the “total positioning of◆◇▼” the ◁◇”total positioning that is used to live, this years government work report continues△□•◁. In other words, my countrys real estate regulation policies will maintain good continuity and stability○▪■•. On the one hand, in the near future■▷◆, the Ministry of Housing and Construction puts forward the classification and regulation of the real estate market, promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market◇■, orch•-!

Original title…□: [Island reading] Where is the risks and growth points of Chinas economic future? This speech said that [客 岛 岛 按] ★●□▪”Chinas open door will not be closed, the more you will be, the bigger protein powder industry marine collagen powder drink Gelatin wholesale bovine collagen peptide powder fao protein sources for the animal feed industry,!◁▼” A few days ago, I learned a speech, and there was a voice•=□. Undoubtedly★▽-●, the initiative to promote the newly open new pattern is derived from the deep understanding and judgment of the current situation of Chinas economic situation, which contain both existing risks and future opportunities◁□◆. So, what happens in the Chinese economy, what growth points? Today, the Heros Island wants to recommend a famous economist, and Professor Wei Jie▷▼, director of the China Economic Research Center of Tsinghua University●◇. The article was first in the blogger classmaker (BOSUM0115), the original title is “Professor Wei Jie★▲△: 19th National, China New Econom.

Original title: Lu Hongbing••☆: It is recommended to establish a national securities futures dispute mediation agency□◇: Wu Hao China Securities Network News (Reporter Wu Wei) National Political Consultative Conference, Vice President of the China National Lawyers Association, the Chief Executive Partner of China Hao Law Firm It is recommended to establish a national securities futures dispute mediation agency. He proposed that combined with existing resource considerations●◁, it can form a national dispute mediation body for the media card. Lu Hongbing believes that the solution to securities futures disputes is an important part of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors. It is a basic project that has sustainable development and deepening reform in capital markets▼△●. Therefore, constructing national dispute resolution mechanisms and institutions in accordance with national conditions will help promote the diversified dispute resolution mechanism of my countrys capital marke.

Original title☆▪■: Mahartil releases positive signals to China•▷■: support and participate in “a belt all the way” construction reference news network August 3 reported Japan ▲●◆▷”Nursing News●★○” August 2 issue, Malaysian Prime Minister highly evaluation “One Belt” initiative. The article said that Chinese State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahartil in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 1st. According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mahartier emphasizes that “all the way” initiative is a major opportunity for regional countries to achieve joint development prosperity, and the Maji will actively support and participate in the construction of “all the way”. Wang Yi said that Mr•◆. Prime Minister is a good friend of the Chinese people, old friends, China is willing to work together with the horse, open up a new bright future of Zhongma relations. According to Malaysian National News Agency, talks continue to be.