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[hydrlized collagen supplements]Original title▲▷◁: Li Yunfeng○▲◇=, deputy governor of Jiangsu, received bribery than 14 million first trials●•◆, was sentenced to 12 years, March 22, 2018▪◁○•, the Shandong Heze Intermediate Peoples Court publicly pronounced Li Yunfeng for the former Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government In case of accepting bribes▼=△○, Li Yunfeng, who was defendant=▪, was sentenced to 12 years in prison, and fined $ 15.5 million…◆…; the property of Li Yunfeng took bribery and its interest, and pay the national treasure. According to the trial: From 2003 to 2014, the defendant Li Yunfeng used the convenience of the director of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Director of the Research Office, the Office of the Office▷◇-□, the Standing Committee and the Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, and the executive vice governor of the provincial government. For the relevant units and individuals, they provide help, direct or pass in engineering contractors, project planning adjustments, and position promotio▽•▽△.

Original title☆▪: Ideological words =-○”Peoples Daily◆◇□” (March 08…-, 2018) “Peoples Daily▲•△◁” (March 08, 2018) Country power is a relatively rich concept. According to human history, economic power□…◇, political power, military power■…●◇, ideological power is an important part of state power, these powers are interrelated and interacting. Among them, economic power is the source and foundation of state power☆▼★•, and the performance of economic power is how much the economy is economical. Behind the economic tool▷◆□, economic organization, economic system and economic thinking▪■, etc., the control, influence; Power is a direct expression of state power■☆. It is a person who has an emotional jurisdiction to a particular territory▪▲◇; military power is constituted by military systems, morale and weapon.

Xinhua News Agency, March 10th: Excorporate the Monitoring System Reform as the Constitutional Status of Monitoring Committee – Interview with Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhaobei Xinhua News Agency, Xiongfeng 13th National Peoples Congress, a Constitutional Amendment In the chapter of the National Institution, specialize in the section of the Supervision Committee and establish the laws of the monitoring committee as the legal status of national institutions. Xiao Pei, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency report that it is necessary to deepen the constitutional status of the Constitution to the Constitution, deepen the national monitoring system reform◇☆, improve the party and national supervision system…•, and promote anti-corruption struggle to consolidate the overwhelming situation▲▷-☆. ◇▷, Move toward the overwhelming victory. Establishing the constitutional status of the OMC is a major adjustment of my countrys political system, political power, and political relation▷▷.

Original title: The State Council is appointed from the State staff (July 25▽△●, 2018) The State Council appointed national staff. Appointment Zhang Jianmin is the Secretary for Tobacco Monopoly▲▪; appointed Chen Jie as the President of Tongji University (Deputy Minister). Lead the position of the Deputy Director of the State Administration of State Administration of State Administration▲▪; avoid the director of Jiang Jianguos Office of the State Administration; Editor in charge▼□…: Huo ?