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Contacts the key technological process to obtain proteins industrially is: collagen peptides beef vs fish,[gelatin used](Shencheng Scenic Line) A cup “I cant forget” “Memory Coffee” China New News Hospital Shanghai May 28th Suggestion☆▼△▲: A cup ★••▲”I cant forget” “Memory Coffee” China News Service•■◆▷, Li Yusheng If I have, Ill take it▼–▼. Iron, please dont see it; if you have some small cups, but come to a big cup, please bear with me. In Shanghai Pudong, there is a “memory café”. The clerk may make your coffee, but it will not forget to have a guest of every stationery★•▽: “Welcome”. This is the first cafe for Chinas first immersion intervention experience for cognitive old people-△. The elderly working in this cafe is a high-risk crowd of cognitive disorders or suffering from mild cognitive disorders. Here☆◆▽, they are kind to .

[Taiwan Forum] “Haipaine ten years is unlimited•■” The Ten Year Story of the Strait Forum, held the Central Terminal Office of the Communist Party of China, and the deputy director of the State Council, delivered a speech. (China Taiwan Network Yuan Chu photo) China Taiwan Network June 6th Xiamen News (Reporter Li Ning) Ten Years of Hairy Love Traveling on the Board, Top Ten Stories Touched to me▲■. On the afternoon of June 5••○, “Deni Ten Years, Wonderful Unlimited•▷” The Ten Year Story of the Strait Forum was held in Xiamen. The event is guided by the Straits Forum Organizing Committee◆•☆, Fujian Broadcasting and Television Group, Taiwan Joint Daily Co., Ltd○•◇.◁▲▽◇, China Taiwan Network, jointly organized, and the Straits TV. Ten of the narcottors from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, told the touching story of their own and the Straits Forum▷=○■, expressing the perception and sentiment of the Strait Forum for ten years, for the Tenth Dai.

Xinhua News Agency Biskek May 27th China Peoples Liberation Army aid Kyrgyzstan military equipment handover ceremony held in Bishkek in Bishkek, Ji Decresses, Ambassador•▲, China, attended the ceremony☆○. Ommraleyev expressed its heartfelt thanks to the Chinese government and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army at the ceremonies. He highly evaluated Ji Zhongs comprehensive strategic partnership and cooperation in all areas of the two countries, and said that Ji Fang will work together with China to maintain greater contribution to safeguarding the security of two countries and regions▼■◁•. Dudewen said that Zhongji is a friendly neighboring and comprehensive strategic partner, the relationship between the two countries and the traditional friendship, and the results of cooperation in various field□•.

Wang Zhengwei, Qin Zhengwei, male, Hui, June 1957★◇, Ningxia concentric, in September 1976, January 1981◇-▼, Joined the Communist Party of China, the National Economics of Minority Ethnic Economics, Central University for Nationalities, graduated from the postgraduate degree Ph.D. in law••□◁. He is currently a vice chairman of the 19th National Central Committee of the Communist Party of China▼=. 1976 – 1978 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Tongxin County Wang Xiangxiang Division 1978-1982 Ningxia University Chinese Department of Chinese Professional Studies 1982-1983 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Tongxin County Committee Secretary Secretary Secretary 1986-1986 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Party Committee Office Secretary 1986-1989 Deputy Party Committee Office of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regi.

Original title▷☆▽•: Yigang is nominated☆•…, the central bank leader, before the college entrance examination, Zhiqing Youth House administrator Xinyang News (Reporter Hou Runfang Di) According to Xinhua News Agency▼…□■, Prime Minister Li Keqiang nominates the Peoples Bank of China. It is reported that in 1977, it was admitted to the Department of Economics, Peking University◆▽, and became the first student of the Northern University of Economics after the college entrance examination▼◁▲. In 2017○△●, the recovery of the college entrance examination 40 years, the Beijing News reporter interviewed the university class class, now the sean of Peking University HSBC Business School, he presents a commemorative book to the Beijing News – 2007, Peking University The economics student has spontaneously developed a commemorative recovery college entrance examination 30 years of remember, and the album recorded the college entrance examination and future life experience of the North University 77 Department of Economics. The following is an article▲△○: Easy△□★◇: Recall in 19★•?