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[china industrial gelatin]Yesterday▼◁=, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference on •=☆•”Financial Reform and Development”. 70-year-old Zhou Xiaochuan attended the two conferences of the two conferences in the 12th Peoples Bank of China□=▼, with him▷◁□, as well as the vice president of the Peoples Bank▲◆▲, Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Pan Gun◁…. As the largest central bank leader in the Chinese term▪•▷, Zhou Xiaochuan has been awarded the ★-“European Currency” in 2011, has been awarded the Best Central Bank of 2011△•■▪. Former European Central Bank President Tri assested him: ◇-■◆”I agree with Zhou Xiaochuans wisdom. He looks very comprehensive, there is a place where the strategy is at the point◁□▽,” Indeed, this time the conference★○, no matter Reuters reporters •▲★▪”Whether the financial to leverage affects the economy”, or the “Chinas debt level is not declin★•.

Original title: Jilin Provincial Peoples Government☆★▲: Governor Jingjunhai and serve as director of the Provincial Local Zhiguang Committee of Jilin Provincial Governor, Vice Governor of Jing Jun, Vice Governor and the Director of the Provincial Regional Committee, deputy director [2018] No-▲▽★. 21 City (state) peoples government-••, Changbai Mountain Management Committee■▷▷, Changchun New District Management Committee, various counties (cities) peoples governments, provincial governments, all direct institutions: According to work changes, the provincial government decided Junhai Provincial Governor and Director of the Provincial Local Record Committee, Vice Governor of Ansi, partied to serve as deputy director of the Provincial Regional Committee. This notice. Jilin Provincial Peoples Government March 12, 2018 Source■○==: Jilin Provincial Peoples Government Editor: Zhang ?

Source: Central Broad Network Abstract: March 17th◇…, 18th, 19th, the 13th National Peoples Congress will hold the fifth, sixth, seventh plenary meeting, election and decision to appoint national institutions personnel. After these meetings, the constitutional oath ceremony will be held separately. Tomorrow, what will the first constitutional swearing event at the National Peoples Congress? Stamp Responsible Editor: Ni Zi◆▽-.Gelatin wholesale.