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[bloom supplements collagen]Original title: Guizhou notified 7 violations of the central eight provisions of the spirit Recently, Guizhou Province informed 7 violations of the central provisions of the central provisions. They are: 1, respectively. Zhu Lijun, the former Party Secretary and Director of the Land and Resources Department of Guizhou Province▽▽▲, is illegally purchasing issues such as high-end wine○•★▽. In May 2013▲◆, Zhu Lijun presided over the party group meeting of the Provincial Department of Land and Resources…◁, and the violation of the regulations used mineral resource compensation fees to collect 570 bottles of Maotai, and used for official reception activities. In 2014, in 2015, Zhu Lijun accepted the management of the administrative relationship Feng invited•◆, twice to the staff of Yinhai Yiyi Company. In addition◇◇□, Zhu Lijun still has other violations◁…▷. In February 2018▷○▪, Zhu Lijun has been revoked in the partys position, and it is reduced to deputy directo.

Recently, the three hospital cadres in Anhui accept the investigation. Specifically, Ding Yasong, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of Ningguo City Hospital, and Ding Yisong accept the review investigation and investigating deputy secretary of the party branch of Ningguo, Ding Yam is suspected of serious violation of law and discipline★▷■◇, currently accepting Disciplinary review and monitoring investigation. (Xuancheng Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission) Wang Huahong, Vice President of Wuhu City Second Peoples Hospital, was survey, said that Wang Huahong, deputy dean of Wuhu City Second Peoples Hospital=★, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently undergoing monitoring investigation. (Wuhu Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission) Ye Haibin, Vice President of Huangshan City Third Peoples Hospital●△▲, was accepted on investigating Vice President Ye Haibin, Vice President Huangshan City◁-, suspected of violation of law and discipline, currently under disciplinary review and monitoring investigation. (Huangshan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection) Editor: Chen Wei SN2.

Original title: Hu Xijin: Read ▼★”As a middle class, I am not satisfied with the country△••.” There is a sense of conspiracy for those three or forty-year-old work, the house☆•◆, child education is best to resonate. This is also the most important, truth▽–…. An article entitled “As a middle class, I am not satisfied with the country△-“, the author is Ningnan Mountain◆=, the article is very long, I roughly read it▷▷, especially the second part=•△, deeply feeling the author of the article Sincere▽•◆-, what he mentioned is that many people in the first generation to the big city have arrived in the reality of 30 or 40 years old. He focused two major questions, one is high housing prices•…▪=, and second is the difficulties and no-hole educational expenses in children, causing extensive resonance▲△. @ 深 深 Ningnan Mountain Weibo Show old Hu today talks about these two questions. fir.

Source: Changan Street ICPC WeChat original title: More than 20 years…◁★▲, CCTV female anchor, what did the Political Consultative Association? If you often look at CCTV News Channel, then you should be very familiar with her, Zhou Wei, she is a female anchor that CCTV has more than 20 years, she is often on the lower left corner of the TV screen – CCTV News Channel TV screenshot Zhou is CCTV “Common Concerns==◇◆” program sign language, last years 19th National Opening will live broadcast, Zhou Weis real-time record in three and a half-hour conference is immediately transmitted to the longest record of domestic media live sign language translation time. And this time two sessions, she cant live a sign language on TV, because she has become a member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, shouldering a more important part of the government=▼-▪. What did Zhou Wei, who speaks speech, what did the Political Consultative Association?