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[japanese gelatin]Xinhua News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Wang Zijiang), Japan, Chiba Prefecture▷◆, Xiong Gu Ha, announced on the 27th that in order to prevent the spread of new crown pneumonia viruses, it was originally scheduled to be held in Chiba County on July 1st to 3rd▼○☆. Three days, the Olympic torch relay of 21 city-ku will be canceled▪☆□, and the ignition ceremony held in three closed venues▲▷=◇. Chiba County is an important region of the Japanese capital circle, and is also one of the largest regions of the Olympic Venlets outside Tokyo, the fencing-…○○, wrestling, surf and Taekwondo competition will be held in Chiba Prefecture. Chiba Prefecture was originally on July 9, before the torch entered Tokyo-○◆, an important relay area, canceled the transfer of public roads, which is a very good for creating an Olympic atmospher?

Zhongxin Net Xingtai May 27th (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tie hammer) 27th, Xingtai Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference of Xingtai City Building Construction Site△▽, said that the Xingtai City Housing and Construction Bureau passed the series of control measures, the house construction site dust control The work has achieved phased results. At present, there are 650 construction sites in Xingtai City, including 235 main urban, 415 counties (cities, districts), video surveillance has been fully covered, insist on implementing dust prevention and treatment. Xingtai City Housing and Construction Bureau spokesperson Zhou Shifan said that there are drone inspections in the sky, and there are full-time video surveillance on the ground•●▼◆. Xingtai City implements “civil air defense + technical defense” combined, refined contr!

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 27, Vice Premier of the State Council, the high-level economic and financial dialogue between China and France▼□▪, Hu Chunhua, should be treated with the Minister of Economics and the Minister of Finance, and the Tricolors Lead Hermel held a video call. Hu Chunhua said that since this year, President Xi Jinping held a call with Markong President and attended the Sino-French leaders, and got an important consensus on climate change, promoting world economic recovery◁=•=, and fiscal=▲. China is willing to work with the law, conscientiously implement the key points of the two heads of state, jointly planning the new era, and actively promote local economic cooperation, expand modern agriculture=•, digital economy, finance and other field.

Original title◁☆★•: Communists must read the Marxism “Truth” (Peoples Almighty) ◆○○”Peoples Daily★▪●▪” (April 27◇■-, 2018) Xi Jinping comrades pointed out that Marxism is the ☆▼◇△”Truth▲▼•” of our Communists. ” True Jing “did not read it○▷▷, always think about” Xi Tian to take the scrub “▽★, it is necessary to delay the event china gelatin powder online advantage of capsule About Us sale gelatin powder, ankur protein industries ltd share price! Emphasizing Marxism is the ▪◇▽”Truth●▷=○” of our Communists, requiring the Communists to read their own ★…◆•”Truth”, fully reflect the relationship between the Communists and Marxism “Body▪–” and “Soul”. We must deeply feel and grasp the new era of socialism with the new era of the new era of socialism with the new era. In the 200th anniversary of Marx, the Communist Party Declaration issued the 170th anniversary, some people still think about “We?

Original title: Internet access (First-line survey · New observation of the Internet) “Peoples Daily◁▲▲▷” (April 24, 2018) The core reading a number of online e-commerce platforms have recently been exposed to existing big data “Killing “Behavior△■★, that is★▪▼△, old customers buy some kind of product or service than new customers spend more. Do you really exist? “Killing” violates the rights of consumers? How can I balance between industrial development and consumer rights protection? In this regard, the reporter launched an investigation★▪•. Platform back letter – ■ Nothing in line with moral requirements•…▲, also violates law stipulates Mr. Shanghai Xuhui District Residents Tang●◁▷•, in order to send her daughter to go to school, I have purchased a lot of vouchers on a web service platform. I originally a discount, but I cant do i.