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[pure fish collagen peptide]Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28 (Raiba Platinum Jiangfei) National Network Tibet Electric Power Co☆○., Ltd☆○=. revealed that from January to April this year, the company actively promoted the price policy▷☆, released electricity price bonus▽▪▪, to Tibet Ali area, Changdu The cumulative reduction of users in the two places is 31.96 million yuan (RMB, the same)◇☆, and nearly 10■•,000 households◆○▷-. It is worth mentioning that the sale of electricity in Ali has increased by 79.77% year-on-year, and the electricity fee revenue decreased by 19◁••.49% year-on-year○-. Guo Net Tibet Electric Power Co•☆◁.★▷, Ltd▷◆.☆▽●○, from January to April this year, Changdu residents live electricity price fell 0.03 yuan / kW, reducing customer electricity costs 129 million yuan★▽, benefiting 6307 household!

China Xinwang July 24th, the Changchun City Public Security Bureau Changchun New District Branch WeChat public number news■▼◁=, Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co◆◆., Ltd. Chairman Gao Mang and other 15 cases were suspected of criminal crime, Changchun The New District Public Security Bureau adopted criminal detention in accordance with the law▽■★. Current case-related work is in progress◁★◆•. Relevant news related news involved in drug-related parent-friendly creatures all vaccine products have been discontinued and downtown is uncertain gelatin pectin halal 00 gelatin capsules-▪▷ insect protein industry! 6 people such as Changsheng Biogenic Chairman were reviewed by the police to review the seventh trading day of the long-lived bio. The city value has evaporated 12.5 billion police to the Changchun Changheng Survey Chairman and 4 executives have taken the vaccine “Queen” Gao Junfang Drop Official expressions Xi Jinping instructed the vaccine case: one che••.

Original title△●: Central Meteorological Observatory issued sandstorm blue early warning Central Meteorological Observatory issued sandstorm blue warning==△▲, expect 8 pm to tomorrow evening▪▷▽▼, affected by wind weather, central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, Northern Liaoning, Western Jilin, Southern Heilongjiang West, Some areas of Xinjiang Southjiang Basin have sands or floating weather, including central and southeastern inner Mongolia, northwestern Liaoning◆▲▪, western Jilin▷=, etc▪•★., and people who remind people in the relevant regions pay attention to windproof sand. (CCTV reporter Renmei) Responsible Editor◇……: Guoqia◇★▽▲.

Original title★◁: Fujian: It is planned to include a “blacklist” in the “blacklist•=▲◇” in the “Blacklist”◁▪●●, and Zheng Guozhang, the legal representative of Fujian, was sentenced to five years six months. Prior to this, the Director of the Dragon Municipal Committee of the Longhai Municipal Committee of Fujian Province○=○, and the staff of the staff, Wu Zhizhong, who were sentenced to the Zheng Guozhang and others, and were sentenced to eight years in prison, bribers and bribers were punished★••▷. This is the requirements of the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in Fujian Province, earnestly implement the requirements of the •☆”bribery bribery”, according to the supervision permissions given by the supervision law, to the “surrounder” and the “surrounder” bright sword▽•☆. “Adhere to the bribery bribery, let the bribers and bribers pay the price, compress the hunt and the” Well be hunt The build space◇▪•▲. “Fujian Provincial Committ•●□.

# 报 通 报 # # On the afternoon of June 4△▽▼•, 2018, the suspect Yumou took a gun in a beautiful city near Fengxi County□…★◆, Yumi Town-▷▽◆, Crystal City☆••, killed the victim Zhao Mou (female). After the incident, the suspect Yumou went to the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau••●□, the publication of the public, surrendered. After preliminary investigation, the criminal suspect Yumou has a self-made firearm that is purchased in the outside of the guns◁▷◇…, and the case is under further investigation. Editor in charge: Huo .Pectin manufacturer fish gelatine factory,