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Pure collagen protein stability at industrial scale,[empty gelatin capsule 0]Original title: Headline Three chip giants were anti-monopoly investigation◁★, Chinas bright sword▽☆▷ hydrolyzed pig collagen! In response to the sustained price increase of the storage chip giants, Chinas anti-monopoly agencies are bright=▽•. According to the US “Wall Street Journal” reported on June 5, Chinas regulatory agency is investigating the storage chip production business Meiku Technology Company, Samsung Electronics and Hi Li Shi Semiconductor●◇, all said that China National Market Supervision Administration officials have recently visited its China office☆★★■. According to June 4, British Reuters reported that South Korea Samsung Electronics confirmed that investigators in Chinas National Market Supervision Administration have visited its sales office in China last week. ▲ Reuters Chinese Network Reports Screenshot Chip (Wafer) Manufacturers also said on June 1, China officials have visited the companys sales offices. American “Wall Street Journal▪•◆★” repo.

Road pass, Baiyexing△△. On May 27th•◇○◇, “News Network” with a large chapter, the construction of high-speed railway construction in the Delta region○◆■▽, the construction of scientific and technological innovation community▷★…, and promotes the growth of the triangulation. Case. The Yangtze River Delta region is one of the most active development of my countrys economy-▼, the highest level of openness, and innovation capabilities. New achievements in various field reform and innovations have become the ■-★◇”long triangle integration▪◁•◆” rising to national strategy Vivid and vivid shadow of “acceleration”. ○▽▷▪”Two keywords in tightness and high quality have grasp the focus▲◆▪, and promote the development of the long triangle integrated development○▷-.” “Guide along General Secreta-○▽-.

Original title: Construction post “There is a” regular operation mechanism March 7, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Council, Li Shaoping, Vice President, the Supreme Peoples Court◇★•, in the Substitute of the CPPCC. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yu has taken a series of hot cases such as the family since the last year attracted the attention of social concern. Recently, Li Shaping△◁▲◇, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference and the Supreme France, in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, if a fair judgment is a qualified judicial product, then the reason to the referee is largely determined to have this share●◆. The quality and cost performance of products◇▷-▼. To this end, the highest law will formulate relevant documents, guide the judge “Wishing” ◇▼◁▽”Dare to say” ◁□”say goodness”, to create more peoples rule of law. Focus on the development of documents clear official post to exit the new Beijing News: We noticed, some plac.

Original title: The representative of the Peoples Congress Ma Huateng▲○•◆: Pay attention to the construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Bay District, preventing the Internet Financial Risk Ma Huatengs New National Peoples Congresss first representative conference after performing the duties, is attainable and expected. On March 2◆•▷△, 132 Guangdongs National Peoples Congress went to Beijing, attended the upcoming 13th National Peoples Congress, and part of the National Peoples Congress representative also followed Guangdong delegation to Beijing, 8 in deep ten The representative of the 3rd National Peoples Congress will be held on this year. Shenzhen representative “Shenzhen Characteristics△☆★” reporter learned that Shenzhens 8 National Peoples Congress representatives are Chen Rui▪◁=, Shenzhen Mayor=▷, Chen Rui■•, Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Congress, Wang Jianjun, General Manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange◁-▷, Wang Jianjun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tencent Computer Systems Co▷-☆=.-▽•, Ltd△◇◆. CEO Ma Huateng, ZTE Communication Co., Lt▲▲▲.

Original title: 15 years of performance, representative of the Peoples Congress said that Zhang Na is still there: Changan Street•□□, Ive been able to be elected to peoples representatives, very excited, and deep sense of responsibility, this is a kind of part of the 15th year of the Political Consultative Conference Affirm, it is a trust and expectation given by the people-=◁□. From the Committee of the CPPCC, the representative of the CPPCC, no matter how the identity changes◆◇, it should be a people, ▪◆□☆”endorsement” for the masses, is a strong responsibility for the peoples livelihood. Party The 19th National Congress opened a new journey of the development of the new era country, put forward the concept of building ▽□”the peoples better life”■○★☆. As a representative of the new people…=○, I will do my best, more investigation, multi-construction, and actively aggressor government, Work hard for the development of peoples livelihood, the living standards of the people, the innovation and upgrading of industry enterprises, to assist the government to work peoples liveliho. Multicolor hard empty capsules marine or bovine collagen peptides