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[capsules empty gelatin]Original title: One Jiangsu fishing boat in Zhejiang sea▼▽▽▼, three people rescued 11 people lost Xinhua News Agency Hangzhou August 4th (Reporter Huang Yu) Zhejiang Xishan County official microblogging release news, August 4th 18 oclock Xu◇△★=, Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province☆☆, Xiangshan County, the Ningbo Maritime Department notified, Jiangsu fishing boat 122 degrees 56 points in East◁☆…, 29 degrees north latitude, 14 people in the sea▪★☆◁, 14 people on board, three of them have been rescued■▼. After receiving the report, Xiangshan County Ocean and Fisheries Department immediately notified the Zhejia fishing 29716 near the sea, Zhe Xiangyu 43003 assisted rescue, China Fishery 33201, China Fishery Administration 33205, China Fisheries 33212, China Haijian 7028, Guard Fishing 4th•▷, etc•●•., rushed to the current seas, and continued to launch nearby fishing boat.

Original title: “Hongtong person” Chen Vinchang Corruption case, Xinchang, Hangzhou, March 16 (Reporter Chen Xiaobo) On March 15 In order to conduct public pronunciation…▼–, the defendant Chen Garden was sentenced to seven years in prison for corruption…◁•, and fined $ 500,000◇…▲▲, recovered Chen Gardens corruption, RMB 24•-▪◆.317 million•□. The defendant Chen Guanyuan, who has escaped in 11 years•▪…, is the •△☆▪”Red News◆◁■” of the first central, chasing office, chased by the Partys 19th National Congress. Obey: From November 2005 to April 2006, the defendant Chen Guanyuan took advantage of the position of the China Agricultural Bank of Wencheng County Branch and the duties and foreign exchange accounting, through false filling summons (repetitio▲▷◇•.

Original title★■: Headlines Due to the retrieval of cars, China Indians finally did these decisions – stated that China and India decided to determine new bilateral defense cooperation agreements, and agreed to strengthen The two countries interaction between multiple levels. According to the Indian Redeee website•☆…, officials said that these decisions were made in China State Councilors and Defense Ministers Wei Feng and the Indias National Defense Minister Nilmara Titramans nearly two hours of meeting◁◁•☆. The focus of this talk is to establish mutual trust between the two countries that guard the actual control line. ▲ On August 23rd, China State Member and Defense Minister, which is officially visited in India▲◇, held talks with the Secretary of Defense Minister. Li Xiaowei photographing the Indian Defense Department said that it is a trust establishment measur.

Original title: Peoples Congress representative Chen Jingyu called for brain death legislation: “There is no too many technical problems” This process will cost a lot of medical resources, and also increase the economic burden of the patients family. “Following 2015, the 2016 National Peoples Conference made the brain death legislation▽▼▪, this year, the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress, Jiangsu Wuxi Peoples Hospital deputy Dean Chen Jingyu once again proposed suggestions to accelerate the legislation of brain death. Chen Jingyu information shows Chen Jingyu representative that, as in 2010▼▼==, my countrys starting organ donation work, brain death legislation more in the sense, is a progress in China, is social civilizatio.

Original title▷△…○: Experts talk about why specializing in the emergency management department-=: can be effective in complex risk according to the party and national institutional reform programs▪▼■, the institution of the State Administration of Safety will withdraw from the historical stage, replaced by the “Emergency Management Department” On March 22, the Emergency Management Department cadre held in Beijing. The relevant person in charge of the Central Organization Department announced the decision on the appointment of the central governments leadership team of the Emergency Management Department☆•▪. On the evening of March 22◇★, the official website of the General Administration of Safety Production Supervision and Administration of Safety Production, has been updated to the official website of the Emergency Management. As early as more than ten years ago, my country began to strengthen emergency management-▪, according to the actual situation of my country and foreign experience■●-, in 2006□▪☆-, the Office of the State Council Emergency Management Office. Since there is such a functional department, why is it specializing in the emergency management department? Her▽■.