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[pectin production line from apple]China New Network May 28th According to the Silver Bank of China website news, in order to further promote the pilot service of long-term nursing insurance system, standardize the operational service behavior of insurance companies, promote the industrys ability to participate in social governance, fulfill social responsibility, and enhance The sensation and happiness of the participating people, the Yinhua Regulatory Commission recently issued the “Notice of the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission on Regulations and Insurance Corporation” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”)•-▪□. “Notice◆▽●□” mainly includes the following■▷●…: First, it makes a clear requirement for the professional service capacity, project bid management▽◇◁▼, business risk management, information system construction▲□○, nursing institution management. two .

Original title▽…◁=: “Yan Secretary” just left, △◇•…”Director Wang” is coming … I have already reported 17 real estate by the daughter-in-law! This weeks anti-corruption news, there is no provincial -•”Tiger=□-▽”, and the publics attention is unusually concentrated. Starting from a smart micro-signal group, many media and melon people have started a “carnival” of Holmes detective style. On Friday afternoon, the drama of ●●…”Yan Secretary Daughter” event finally killed. On the afternoon of May 18, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission issued news, according to the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission: Yan Chunfeng, deputy secretary of Guangan Municipal Party Committee, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently being accepted for discipline review and monitoring•…○…. Objectively, it is necessary to intervene in the Sichuan Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission◇☆, not, unable to follow public concerns. However, some people say that in ▼■”Yan Secretary Daught△▽.

Original title: Chongqing Zhengshang grade female official, the “Chongqing Daily” applying for early retirement on March 28◆•, reported on the Chinese Peoples Political Consultation Conference Chongqing Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary-Generals free list. According to the report, the second meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth Committee of China Chongqing Municipality on March 27: Because I applied for early retirement, Comrade Sheng Ya Nong no longer serves as the Chongqing Municipal Political Consultative Association Deputy Secretary-General▲•▲◇. According to public information, Shengya Nong lived in 1965☆☆, Chongqing▲▽■, November 2013 to April 2017▲○◆●, once served as Party Secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Safety Tank Committee. Shengya Agricultural Resume Sheng Ya Nong△…▷•, Female…▲…, Han nationality●•, born in May 1965, Chongqing Fengdu County▷▽◆, CPC Party•△…◆, MBA Graduate◆△. 1982.09–1986○★.07 Chongqing Teachers College Chinese Professional Learni.

Original title: Prism Zheng Yongnian: Trump is afraid of China★◇…◁? Singapore “Joint Morning Post” website published the article of Zheng Yongnian▲•▲, the Singapore National University East Asian Institute, said that what is the fear of China and Trump? For Trump=▷▼, Chinas core power is its increasing “consumer society”. The article says that Chinas relationship with the United States and the United States has experienced three main stages▼☆●▪. In the 1980s, China had just reform and opening up★▽, because the capital shortage, China implements “please come in” policy, open your country▼□=, welcome foreign capital to China. In the 1990s△☆, China implemented the “Return○•☆=” policy in order to join the World Trade Organization. “Launching” is to change Chinas own institutional system to comply with international rules. ▲ Located in Geneva, Switzerla. unflavoured gelatin powder collagen peptides from fishGelatin capsule gelatin raw materials trade hard gelatin capsule 000,