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[gelatin immune system]Original title▼…: How is the overall cover of monitoring: The six major categories of staff included the supervision of the Chinese Communist leadership is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In my country, the partys organ, the peoples Congress, the administrative organ★□•▲, the government and cooperation=…■○, the supervisory organ, the trial organ•▽, the procuratorial organ, etc▲★★◁. Power must be restricted and supervised□-○▲. The formulation of supervision is through legislative way▷▽△, and the major decision deployment of the Party Central Committee deepens the national monitoring system reform is transformed into the national will, strengthening supervision of all public officials of public power★▷, and realizing the full coverage of national monitoring•▼. The supervision law provides various types of public officials who have exercised public powers in my country…◇-=, which has strong targeted and operationa.

At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center held a press conference at the Multi-Film◁△, Multi-Film•□■◇, Mei Dia, at 10:00 on March 16 (Friday)•◇●-, and inviting the Minister of Education…●○, Chen Baosheng, “Try to make every child can enjoy fairness. Quality education “Related issues answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. The following is the text record: Futunn reporter: I would like to ask Chen Minister, the recent Ministry of Education and other four departments issued the “Notice on Energent to Enestallize the Extracurricular Action of Primary and Secondary School Training Institutions”, triggeting the widespread concern of society. We understand that the national level has already released multiple reduction★•, but the childs burden will not be increased. May I ask Chen Minister▲△, how to think about this problem, how can I really lose weight for our children? Thank you=◆△. Chen Baosheng◇△▪: The loss of burden is caused by “two sessions▲●…◁” this ye?

[Review Line] Sun Bird Review: Promoting “Four History” in the event, the ◇•△◁”four history” propaganda education is deeply penetrating, the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Masters History▲-==, New China History▷=◁■, Reform and Opening”, Socialist Development The Notice of Shi Xuan Chuan Education, which launched a ◆★◆”four-step○▷” publicity and education for the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. Enhance the “four history” publicity and education effect, need a fresh story●★, a trip to a verse, and leading the event●▼◁. “Notice” pointed out that organizing a history of reading school, grassroots preaching, learning experience, paying tribute to revolutionary martyrs, learning advanced models, red family inheritance, national defense education●◁▷○, mass cultural activities, et★=?