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[is collagen in gelatin]Original title: Headline Overseas Media: China is not afraid of US upgrade trade war threatening overseas media said that after responding to the first round of tariffs in Washington, Trump has strengthened the pressure policy of the Chinese government◁△▼. Code of $ 200 billion in Chinas garment of China. In response to this China Ministry of Commerce☆◇▽…, the US has no two-hand strategy to play soft and hard to play, this practice will not have any effects in China, and the Chinese side has been fully prepared for the threat of the US upgraded trade war. The US increased bets to pay attention to the press of Reuters On August 1, the US government said on August 1, Trump proposed a higher 25% tariffs for China s Chinas lived goods, to increase Chinas trade stress, forced China to make concessions. US Tradi!

Original title•…□: Changning District is safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of sanitation workers recently★◇★, Changning District Gaigi Environmental Health Service Co-▽◇.★•, Ltd=●••. and other enterprises shorten the road cleaning operation workers▲○★, and adjust the overtime subsidies. This has attracted the attention of some roads to the sanitation workers◆…★, and some sanitation workers express their demands through petition channels■•. The Changning District Committee and the District Government attaches great importance to this•☆▷, requiring regional greening markets to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of sanitation employees. District green market has urged high-profile companies to strengthen communication and negotiation with sanitation workers, and effectively guarantee the rational growth mechanism of workers income. At present•◇☆▼, the citys city-level environment cleaning work is working properly. For a long time, Changning-serving workers have contributed to the maintenance of urban environments•▲, and build Changning Boutique City. District green market will continue to strengthen supervision=■◇□, according to l?

Original title Beijing: Future tuberculosis will be officially included in the new students medical examination, March 24th is the 23rd World Prevention Tuberculosis Day=…-■, the municipal health planning supervision agency revealed that future tuberculosis will be officially included in the citys new students Requirements item▲★. Last year, 7114 patients with tuberculosis patients were reported only to the second place of Diacetanism. …◁”The transmission of respiratory tract greatly increases the risk of tuberculosis, and everyone may be infected.•▼◁” Gao Zhidong△★▪, director of the Beijing Tuberculosis Control Research Institute, introduced in the population intensive place●▼=▪, if the infectious tuberculosis patients have long stood for a long time☆★○=, there is tuberculosis Risk of aggregated onset. According to the latest issued △•-“Code of Prevention and Control Work in School Tuberculosis”, the city will increase the tuberculosis prevention and control of schools and child care institutions in the futur protein structure determination in industry convert powdered gelatin to sheets-=▪• beef gelatine powder 250 bloom soy peptone extract!Gelatin wholesale.