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[industry protein]Original title: China and Britain will build financial city in Xiongan New District◇-=? The National Development and Reform Commission revealed that Xiongan Planning Information Changanjun (ID-•○: Changan-J): 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center on March 6th at 10 Multi-Film in Madia held a press conference, national development and reform Zhang Yifeng, Lord of the Committee, Zhang Yong, deputy director, Ningji, to answer questions about China and foreign journalists on “innovation and improvement of macroeconomic regulation…○☆, promoting high quality development”. When answering the planning of the Xiongan New District▲…◇, He Lifeng director said that for the cooperative joint venture project that contributes to the non-capital function of Beijing▪▼, Xiongan New District is a welcome attitude, and the relevant state departments are also active=▽•▽. stand by□★. Q: We noticed that in the past some news reported central politi.

China Xinwang, May 28 (Guo Qi)☆•, from June 1 this year, the newly revised ◇▽▷”Minor Protection Law” and •△”Preventing Mini Crime Law” will be officially implemented. The reporter learned from the press conference held on the 28th of the Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Procuratorate. Since last year, Zhejiang procuratorate has accepted the review arrest and reviewed 8424 people involved in unscrupulous cases☆★•, including 3●=△,496 cases of criminal cases of minors▲●▪. 5,283. Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, deputy, said that the provincial procuratorate adheres to the un cases idea, and prudently handles every case, co-ordination, flexible use of various procuratorial supervision methods, and crack the problem of social governance of minor?

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, May 27☆◁▲, electricity (Reporter Su Wanming) Gaoshi! On the 27th, the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will pass the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill (hereinafter referred to as the Bill”), and the relevant regulations will be entered into force on May 31. This marks full completion of local legislative work in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election System, which is also a major system of major institutional results in Hong Kong and disorderly. On the morning of the 27th●…-, the Legislative Council was in favor of 40 votes, 2 votes opposed, and the second read through the Bill. Subsequently, the Legislative Council entered the entire committee review and considered more than 360 amendments proposed by the SAR Government. At 16 oclock, the Legislative Council is in favor of 40 vote.

Original title☆◁: Reader Group Runma Chairman Wang Yongsheng: Zhang mouth closing is the three-way secretary called me to read by △ △ 马 马 读 集 集 王On the evening of June 7th, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission and the official website of the Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the original party secretary, chairman, and readers, the original chairman•■△★, the reader○-▽, the original chairman, Wang Yongsheng▲-, is suspected of serious illegal violations and discipline acceptance discipline Review and monitoring investigation. The reader group released a statement that Wang Yongsheng was investigated by the individual reasons and its suspected related issues did not happen during the companys work●▲▷▼, but in the original work unit□◁…◁, all of which were unrelated to the reader group and listed company readers. Wang Yongsheng came forward in colleges and universities, and they were abandoned from politics□▷, and they served as the head of the Weixian County=◆, the county party secretary, and the deputy mayor of Dingx wholesale vitamin c and collagen cream collagen supplements halal Gelatin capsule is capsule shell gelatin halal, gelatin bloom!

Original title□■□○: Bai Yansong member: How many graduates are in non-famous schools▪…-, this unfair short board, the first standard of Bai Yansong committee is “less hot◇○★”. He thinks that hot topics can do it in TV programs. He said: “There is a lot of attention, then I will hide a little▽◁●◁.-◇○○” However•☆, this year•◁◁★, the two sessions, Bai Yansong proposal about ◆○”Double First Class-▷” (World First-class University and First-class Discipline), but not so that you set standard. Because, “Double First Class” has been attached to the date of the proposed, and the 19th National Report and Government Work Report. But he cares, but it is the cold side of this “hot topic” – no non-famous university included in ■■▷★”Double-first”. He believes that education authorities cannot light ▲◆•★”double-first-class◆★▽” construction, but also to improve the construction of famous schools, th.