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[is gelatin a homogeneous mixture]Original title: Net transmission Alipay WeChat Access UnionPay program, UnionPay confirmed that in the initial stage recently, a WeChat•◇▼=, Alipay is connected to UnionPay. The access scheme shows that WeChat and Alipays acquiring services will access UnionPay processes•▽. In addition□☆•, for online transaction processing, related principles, WeChat and Alipay merchants and new users to enter the network▼▽, the program has made the corresponding explanation. Securities Times reporters understand whether the access program is true and consolidated to the relevant triple, as of the press release□=, the UnionPay confirms the program, but it is still in the initial stage, no more response; WeChat is learning the “Barcode Payment Business Standard” policy, However◁☆, the plan for the UnionPay is not clear from response; Alipay said that this problem is more sensitive and is understanding and confirmation. Or two major chang◆◆.

Original title: “Cannot be in the same day!” Why did the four international organizations praise Chinas reform and development▷▷■◆? On March 25th, Chinas Development High-level Forum held in the State Council Development Research Center, 4 heavyweight international organization heads have debuted, focusing on Chinas fiscal and tax system reforms from high quality development, global perspective…▪◁▷, supply side Financial policies in structural reforms, promote the formation of topics such as open new patterns, and praise Chinas development. Zhongtail Wu Yan: Chinas development experience can “refine-△☆” 8 key conditions March 25th, the Asian Development Bank, Dika Tail★▪▷☆, said that China has attracted the worlds achievements◆▲, showing economic growth to the people to the peoples life◁▷•. Active changes. China is currently the second largest economy in the wor□•▲?

(Anti-neooperative pneumonia) Guangzhou added 5 cases of local new crown pneumonia-free infected people China News News (Wang Hua Zhang) Guangzhou Health Health Committee announced in the afternoon of May 28▽•◁▷, the citys new report 5 Symptoms of the local new coronal pneumonia▽▷★. According to Chen Bin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Health and Health Committee, 14 oclock on May 21st to 28th◇■▪●, Guangzhou City accumulated 4 cases of local new crown pneumonia diagnosed cases and 10 cases without symptoms…▽; the new report on the same day 5 cases of normally asymptomatic infection○■▲, the above cases were isolated in Guangzhou Eighth Peoples Hospital. Newly increasing number of asymptomatic infections…◆…, male, 11 years old, a class of classmates who have diagnosed a diagnosed case 1 on the 26t.

Original title: Yunnan issued regulations Terrible rural wedding and funeral △◆”money bag” banquet no more 20 tables, no more than 100 yuan Zhongqing online news (China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online reporter Zhang Wenling) Marriage Banquet, total number of people controlled in 200 People, 20 tables; banquets for no more than 12 banquets, each table fee is controlled within 200 yuan. A few days ago▷▪••, the Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission issued the ◇…”Notice on Regulating the Wedding and Funeral of Rural Areas” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice◁▪”), the party members and cadres booked a standard in rural operation. At present○▼●, the rural areas are highlighted in the feast of marriage. For example▼○●▲, the wedding, usually more than 12 dishes•▽, 8 people▪…•, the food is not eaten▽■○★, some are finished for zero☆▼□○, there are prequets•◆★▷, please continue◆▪☆…, please, continue to operate 3 da. china gelatin food grade the meat industry solutions to plant protein.orgPectin manufacturer purification of recombinant protein for industry beef gelatin powder halal,